Mr K Grimsley

Mr K Grimsley - Maths Teacher

Maths Teacher
Mr Grimsley is a very experienced mathematician having used his skills in missile design, meteorology, IT design, insurance and warfare modelling. He first taught A level maths in 1982. He has extensive leadership experience both as an Officer in the Royal Navy and as a leader of IT teams in industry. Prior to S6C, he was deputy leader in the Maths department and Head of Curie House at St Edmund’s Girls School. Mr Grimsley’s main other interest is military history and he has taught GCSE Classical Civilisations. In January 2016, he was selected as the Teacher of the Year in the Salisbury Journal Local Heroes awards.

Mr Grimsley believes that mathematics is unique in all the subjects as it can be used to describe almost any situation in the world from calculating a satellite orbit to analysing the results of an election. The disciplines used to solve a mathematical problem are crucial in many situations which is why it is valued by so many employers.

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