s6c_visionOur vision and aims The team behind S6C set to ensure that S6C will:

Increase the choice and availability of places for young people in the area;
Open up aspirational learning opportunities, leading to better employment prospects for young people and providing confident pathways into Higher Education;
Have a strong and broadly Christian ethos that will provide a nurturing, supporting but challenging environment leading to high retention and success rates;
Reduce the travelling distance and costs for students who currently have to seek this type of provision out of county;
Provide a platform for attainment and aspiration which will inspire the confidence of young people and their parents;
Respond to the wishes of young people and parents in the local area for a sixth form college providing an effective and smooth transition from the current good 11 – 16 provision.


Our vision:
S6C aims to be a vibrant, fun and inspirational centre of excellence with a passion for new technologies, creativity and innovation. Our core purpose is to create a world class learning community where all students can flourish both personally and academically.

The overall aims of S6C relate to the student leaving as a young adult with:

A set of qualifications which exceeds expectations, based on previous attainment data;
A clear progression route and a place secured at university, in training or employment;
A CV which demonstrates a range of experiences and achievements, from work experience to sport, leadership to participation;
A confident and positive approach to continued education and to future economic well-being;
A clear sense of personal wellbeing and how to achieve and maintain it.