It can be thought by some parents/carers that a college, unlike a school, does not regard the relationship with parents/carers as important in taking students through their post-16 stage of their learning. This is not true of S6C.

We have set out to make S6C a world class learning environment and we recognise that working closely with you will ensure your son/daughter will have the best possible chance of success. We feel that we are not only accountable to your son/daughter for the quality of what we do, but also to you as parents/carers.

As a parent of a current S6C student we hope that many of your questions will be answered on this page.

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Term Dates and the College Day

Term dates can be found in the About section of our website, here:

The timings of the college day can be found here:

Year 13 need to be at College for all lessons and Progress Tutor sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday which are compulsory.  Students are expected to add 9 Private Study sessions to their timetable and Progress Tutors should have a copy of these.

  • Year 12 must be at College for all lessons, private study sessions and Progress Tutor sessions on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday which are compulsory.
  • All students may leave the site if a lesson is not scheduled but must be back in time for the next lesson. They should swipe in and out of the building using the turnstiles.

Information on travelling to the college can be found here:

Reporting an absence

If a student is going to be late then the student or parent or carer can ring Reception on 01722 597970 to inform the office. When they arrive to college they must inform Reception that they are now present.

If a student is going to be absent from college then a parent or carer must inform the office by ringing 01722 597970. We would also encourage students to email their teachers to obtain catch up work for the lessons missed. The office must be informed as well as subject teachers in order for the absence to be recorded correctly on the register.

If a student is at college and feels they have to go home early they will need to see their Progress Tutor, or teacher if in a lesson. If the Progress Tutor or teacher supports the absence the student will need to sign out at Reception and their main contact will be informed that they are going home.

Any absence from college will be recorded on a student’s attendance record. The College recognises that some absences are unavoidable and will authorise these.

With regards to planned absences such as hospital appointments, prior to the planned absence, students must inform their Progress Tutor and then visit Reception taking any evidence they can provide. They will be advised whether the absence will be classed as a permitted absence (please see the list of permitted absences below) or an unauthorised absence.

Routine medical and dental appointments are not permitted reasons to be absent and will be recorded as unauthorised. Therefore all routine appointments should be made outside of lesson time. If a student has an emergency appointment, they will need to provide evidence for the appointment. The evidence needs to be seen and signed by the Progress Tutor and then taken to Reception.

The following are examples of permitted absence:

Hospital or orthodontist appointments which cannot be arranged outside college hours, backed by evidence of an appointment card or letter from the health provider which needs to be seen and signed by your Progress Tutor and then taken to Reception.

A family bereavement.

Attendance at a family funeral, a letter is required from your parent/carer which needs to be seen and signed by your Progress Tutor and then taken to Reception.

Visit to a university to attend an open day or interview; a career related interview or audition, you will need to complete a University Visit Permission Form which can be obtained from your Progress Tutor or from the Student Services Office.

Driving test and theory test (not a lesson), evidence required which needs to be seen and signed by your Progress Tutor and then taken to Reception.

Some other substantial reason which is unavoidable.

The following reasons for absence would not be authorised:

Illness – we recognise that illness cannot be avoided and will record an absence as illness if a parent/carer has confirmed the absence, however, absence due to illness does affect a student’s attendance percentage. If there is a long term absence, the Progress Tutor will discuss any specific support arrangements required and any unique circumstances.

Holidays during term time

Doctor’s/Dentist’s appointment

Part or full-time work (including any training events for part-time work)

Leisure activities

Birthdays or similar celebrations

Babysitting younger siblings

Driving lessons

Exclusion from lessons or the College site

Any permitted absence where evidence is required but has not been provided

Communicating with parents 

We use SchoolPod and SchoolMoney to send mass communications to parents and carers by email. Parents or carers may also be contacted individually regarding their son/daughter by the college office or by their son/daughter’s Progress Tutor by phone or email.

If you need to make a payment for a trip or other expense then you can do so through SchoolMoney: SchoolMoney User Guide

How does S6C safeguard students?

The care and well-being of all young people in the College is of paramount importance. The College takes seriously its legal responsibility with regard to The Children Act, 2004. The College actively promotes health awareness amongst students, and each member of the College community has an individual responsibility for health and safety. College staff cannot always offer absolute confidentiality to students. There are clear situations when it is essential that staff share information with their colleagues, for instance when there is suspicion or evidence that a student is in danger of being harmed or abused.

Please contact Simon Firth, (Principal) if you have any suspicions that a student is in danger of harm or abuse. We have a legal obligation to refer any suspicions of harm or abuse to the Wiltshire Safeguarding Children Board.

For more details, please request a copy of our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy by emailing

Is there a student dress code?
S6C students are expected to dress in a manner appropriate to a purposeful, safe and secure Sixth Form College. Whilst we recognise that self-expression is part of being an emerging adult, items of dress that may reasonably be expected to cause offence to any member of the College community such as T-shirts bearing inappropriate languages or images, or particularly revealing items of clothing are not allowed to be worn. In addition, a student’s face should not be obscured for any reason, for example, by hats, hoods, sunglasses etc. because this may interfere with a teacher’s ability to secure student participation in discussions and practical activities. S6C also needs to be able to identify individual students to maintain the safety and security of everyone.

How will you store my son/daughter’s data?

Data Protection Act 1998

The College is registered under the Data Protection Act for holding personal data. The school has a duty to protect this information and to keep it up to date. The school is required to share some of the data with the local Authority and with the DfE.

Careers and Higher Education

For information on how we support our students to research and select appropriate career options, including higher education, please refer to our careers guide which can be obtained by emailing

Please see the FAQs section of our website for any other questions you might have: