Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


Individual access to technology is not something that should happen in a few rooms around a college. It should be for everyone, everywhere and anytime.

BYOD is not future technology; it’s the present. Our students embrace mobile phones, the Internet and personalised technology. It will be their future working and learning experience.

Students are used to having access to the Internet at all times, in all places, college should not be the exception. We want our students to have access to the greatest source of information ever assembled and to study in their own innovative and personalised ways.

We need to make full and effective use of technical learning tools and want to make the educational experience for students at S6C as varied, dynamic and stimulating as possible.

Salisbury 6th Form College operates a ‘BYOD’ policy for all students attending the college. All students are expected to have a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ with them at all times during the college day. This should not be a mobile phone (although we actively encourage there use at appropriate times).

We do not specify a particular device to purchase, but it should be light and portable, have a psychical keyboard, have good battery life (greater than six hours) and preferably be ‘instant on’ so lessons start on time and teachers don’t have to wait for devices to load.

Please find some example devices below.

S6C Recommended Device

Microsoft Surface Devices

The Microsoft Surface devices have the same characteristics as the above choices, in that they are light and portable, have SSD’s for instant on and excellent battery life. The Surface Pro should be purchased with a keyboard and the pens are excellent for taking notes with.







Microsoft Web Site – Surface

Other Options


Chromebooks are a very good light option and have great battery life and instant on. They should be used for subjects where access to the internet is required with document writing.

They are not a full laptop, but are none the less a very good device at a cheaper price.

Google Website – Chromebooks


iPad Pro

iPads are excellent BYOD devices as they are instant on, have excellent battery life (10 hours) and are light and portable. The larger screen sizes are beneficial to working on multiple documents at the same time and are the same size as a laptop computer.

Any iPad purchased to use at S6C should have a physical keyboard cover, so students can type for long periods of time. An Apple Pencil is optional, but beneficial for note taking purposes.

We also recommend taking out Apple Care on iPads, as this gives two years of warranty cover for the device and includes cheap accidental damage replacement if the worse happens like a broken screen.

IPad Pro





Apple Website – iPad Pro

iPad Pro Specifications

Apple Care

Apple MacBook / MacBook Air / MacBook Pro

Apple laptops are very good BYOD devices as they have Solid State Drives which provide almost instant on and very good battery life of at least 8 hours. The smaller lighter devices are best, as students are more willing to carry them to college!

Again we recommend taking out Apple Care on these laptops. This can be bought at time of purchase for half the normal cost for student use. A discount is also available for the device itself for student use. Further details can be obtained from the Apple stores in Southampton or Basingstoke.






Apple Website – Macbook

Specialist Subjects

Please be aware that some specialist subjects may have different requirements for BYOD devices, such as Computer Science, Photography and Media.


For instance in Computer Science, any Microsoft Surface device is preferred and recommended, followed by an Apple MacBook, or other Apple laptop. If an iPad is used, it needs to be a 12″ version (with keyboard, the pencil is preferable) and four programs need to be purchased through the App Store; ‘iA Writer’, ‘Textastic’, ‘Working Copy’ and ‘Pythonista’.


Students should check with their subject teachers if any specialist equipment is needed before purchasing an iPad.

My Son / Daughter already has a suitable device

S6C is very happy for students to bring their current device to college as long as it meets the BYOD requirements and you are not obliged to purchase a new device just for college (although you may be told this!).

Please remember a college day lasts at least six hours and the device your son/daughter brings in should be capable of lasting this long on a single charge.

Other example devices are:

Further Information

If you require and further information or would like to talk to someone about BYOD, then please feel free to contact the college on 01722 597970.