Spring news from S6C

Our latest newsletter is available here: S6C Newsletter A4 Issue 14

It has an update on the progress with the new building as well as key dates for applicants and current students, including our Induction Day on Wednesday 29th June 2016.

Physics students attend Particle Physics Masterclass

Physics students at S6C attended a Particle Physics Masterclass last week at the STFC’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.


Students toured the facility, including one of the experiment bays where various materials are positioned in front of an incredibly bright and focused X-ray beam.


Students analysed trace images, looking for signs of the Higgs Boson. Students had to find one Higgs trace in only 200 collisions; in reality, a sign of a Higgs boson might appear less than once every billion collisions.


Year 12 student, Jake Charman said, “I didn’t realise the amount of real world applications of the work carried out in particle accelerators.” Another Year 12 student, Rachel Barlow, said “I was fascinated by the talk about the applications of accelerators and how they can be used to treat cancers as I had no idea that they did this and that it was possible.”

S6C Celebrate Topping Out of new building


The “Topping Out” ceremony for our new building took place on Wednesday 24 February on the roof of the new building.


A Topping Out ceremony is traditionally held when the last part of a building is in place and the building has reached its full height. The S6C building was at full height some weeks ago due to the quick nature of a modular build, and so for us, the topping out was an opportunity to celebrate the progress made through staff, students and governors having a guided tour of the building which ended on the roof of the building. Now that the exterior of the building is nearing completion the work continues on the inside of the building in order to complete all of the classrooms and communal spaces ready for teaching to begin from May.


Principal, Simon Firth says, “In creating a new 6th form college for students, the S6C project is a huge opportunity for providing a focal point for the local community as well as creating jobs. We are looking forward to growing even closer links with local residents, businesses and St Martin’s Church now that we have our own building. It is a very exciting time not only for everyone involved in the project, but also for the future of post-16 provision for young people in Salisbury.”



You can watch a timelapse video of the progress made in recent months where you will see the top two floors being added to the steel frame structure and get a better idea of the height at which the Topping Out ceremony will be held. The time lapse video is available here www.salisbury6c.ac.uk/new-build

On Friday 12 February, the Student President and Vice President, Emily Bisdee and Robben Sherburne travelled to Belfast with Leanne Tarbard (Health and Social Care Teacher) and Rosie Roberts (Student Services Manager) to visit McAvoys, the building contractors for our building on the new site.

McAvoys explained how they create buildings offsite using a modular construction method and then transport the components onto site to be fitted together – this is how they can ensure a quick build time making sure that we can be on the new site and in our own accommodation this academic year.  

Soon, the front of the building will be fully clad and rendered and an S6C logo will take pride of place above the entrance proudly marking the new site.

Student President, Emily Bisdee said, “Getting the opportunity to travel to Northern Ireland to visit McAvoys where our new sixth form building was built was an incredible opportunity. Having a tour around the factory has enabled me to realise the benefits of modular building and I am now able to explain to both current and prospective students more about how the building was built at the McAvoys factory. Getting to see other schools and sixth form buildings that have been built in the same way and seeing how incredible they were has made me more excited to get into the new building. It has also made me very thankful that we will have a sixth form building built this way. Whilst at the factory you could clearly see the passion that everyone had for McAvoys and the hard work that goes into building each section of the building. It was interesting to see how much work goes into the planning stage right through to the sections of the buildings being transported on lorries to the site. We had an amazing day and it has made us want to visit Northern Ireland again in the future.”

Interviews for September 2016 entry

All applicants to join S6C in September 2016 should have now received an invitation to an interview to discuss their application further.

This week and next week we’re in the following schools interviewing prospective students:

Test Valley School

Trafalgar School

Leehurst Swan

Wyvern College

Stonehenge School

St Edmund’s Girls’ School

St Joseph’s School

If you have applied but have not received an invitation to an interview, please email office@salisbury6c.ac.uk

If you have not applied yet and would like to join us in September 2016, we recommend that you complete the online application form ASAP and we will be in touch as soon as we receive it.

S6C teacher wins Teacher of the Year Award

S6C Maths and Further Maths teacher, Kevin Grimsley, was awarded the Teacher of the Year award at the Spire FM Local Hero Awards after being nominated by a student he taught at GCSE.

The student who nominated him said: “He was my GCSE maths teacher, He ALWAYS tried his best to help students 1 to 1 which must be difficult when you’re trying to teach a class of 25 students. He always organised extra days outside of lessons and school days to help students with any particular problems. He also was just so good at keeping his students motivated, he gave 110% in every lesson, he actually shows you how to do something instead of just doing it for you unlike some other teachers. He responded to any emails if you were stuck at any time of the night and without him I would have never achieved my A grade in Maths. Also after results day he sent everyone in our class a personalised ‘congratulations’ card which is more than I received from any other teacher. He works his socks off and totally deserves this award”

We’re so pleased that one of our teachers has been recognised for the excellent work that they do.

Application deadline for September 2016

The application deadline for September 2016 entry is the end of January.

If you haven’t applied yet, you can apply online by completing the application form.

If you would rather complete a paper copy of the application form, please email office@salisbury6c.ac.uk and we will happily post a copy to you.

Time lapse of the new building

We now have a time lapse video on the new building being constructed which you can watch here: https://www.salisbury6c.ac.uk/about-s6c/new-build/

The team on site are working hard and the building is mostly sealed. The activity over the next few weeks will involve the external finish of the building, so we should see the Trespa wood effect cladding go up and the render (weather permitting.)

S6C visits earthquake struck Nepal

Two of the six Year 13 students who visited Nepal last year with S6C have written reports about their trip which have been shared on the Projects Abroad website.

You can read the reports here:

Heather’s report: http://goo.gl/ldXV8o

Emily’s report: http://goo.gl/9qqng2

If you are a current or prospective student interested in going to Nepal with S6C, contact Sophie Bellars, Art and Photography teacher.