S6C Art and Photography students go on a graffiti tour

Joe Mussell, a Year 12 student previously from The Stonehenge School, who studies Photography, Media Studies and Business, tells us about the Art and Photography students trip to London:

“Earlier this month, along with all the other art and photography students, I attended a school trip to London in which we observed the tattooed streets of Brick Lane, along with the weird and wonderful Whitechapel gallery.

When we arrived in the area of Brick lane, we were allowed to move freely around the area to get lunch and discover various graffiti and street art that had been laid onto the walls. There were also many interesting shops and eateries that caught the eye.

After around an hour and a half we regrouped at the bottom of Brick Lane and made our way to Whitechapel gallery in which Mark Dion’s ‘theatre of the natural world’ and Lenor Antune’s ‘the frisson of the togetherness’ was showcased. As you walk through the gallery doors, off the bustling streets, you are presented with a gift shop and a cafe. There are many rooms at the gallery showcasing famous artist’s work but maybe the most impressive exhibition was Mark Dion’s, where real life birds are flying around your head while you observe the art and adds a new element to his work.

One of the main reasons why the college took us on this trip was to be inspired by the artists and photographers operating in the area we visited and I certainly was inspired. My favourite part of the trip was looking at the street art of Brick lane because it is all set impressive and has a clear deeper meaning behind most of the art. If I were to go again I would have probably taken less photos, so that I could intake more of the street art.”

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