Biology students learn about conservation at Marwell Zoo

Last month, S6C Biology students had the opportunity to attend a Conservation Conference. Laura Hesp, Seona Mauchline and Lucy Howells tell us about what they learnt:

“On the 22nd February, the biology students went to Marwell Zoo on a conservation conference. First, we listened to a talk on endangered species and how they categorize them and which species of animal Marwell have in their zoo. The next talk we listened to was about classification of mammals, fish and reptiles.  We enjoyed this one as we got to stroke a snake and learn how to identify the different species. Finally, the last talk we listened to was about how Marwell travel the world to help encourage animal conservation and their work in Africa conserving cheetahs and other endangered species. This was particularly inspiring as we learnt how students from university helped with the programme and what work they did. At the end of the trip we were allowed to look around the zoo. We especially loved the giraffes!”

Laura Hesp is a Year 12 student, previously from Test Valley School, who studies Biology, Chemistry and Art & Design: Fine Art.

Seone Mauchline is a Year 12 student, previously from The Stonehenge School, who studies Biology, Maths, Chemistry and Further Maths.

Lucy Howells is a Year 12 student who studies Biology, Business and Applied Science.

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