Type of qualification – A Level
Exam Board – Edexcel A

Course Description

Biology is arguably the most exciting and one of the fastest developing areas of science today. It impacts on everyone’s lives and holds out hope to remedy some of our most pressing issues.

Some areas exploding with new ideas and applications include; genetically engineering, designing and creating new drugs, creating gene banks for threatened species, devising fertility treatments, curing genetic diseases, developing new sources of food, reducing our impact on the planet and so much more.

You will gain sufficient insight to understand revolutionary breakthroughs that occur on a daily basis, and thus contribute to contemporary debates about issues such as the use of stem cells for Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease, or treatments for HIV.

You will learn a variety of skills that not only develop your biological knowledge but also your ability to plan and conduct experiments, collecting accurate data, analysing data and evaluating information.

Interesting fact about studying this at S6C

Biology at S6C is taught in modern, purpose built labs. The course involves lots of practical work which prepares you for the study of science at university. The practical work is carefully planned to meet the practical endorsement certificate which is an essential part of the course.

Entry Requirements

To study this course you will need to meet the overall entry requirements on page 7 for Pathway 1 or 2 including a grade 6 or above in GCSE Biology. Students not studying single sciences will be considered if they achieve a grade 6 or above. GCSE Maths must be at grade 6 or above and GCSE English must be at grade 5 or above.

Please see here for more information:

Biology Course Handout