English Language

Type of qualification – A Level
Exam Board – AQA

Course Description

Using language effectively and persuasively can get you far in life – just ask the President of the United States of America. If you have ever wondered how we are persuaded to make decisions or perform actions and want to understand how language works then English Language will help provide answers.

You will study how languages are born, how they develop and sometimes how they die. As part of the course you will also explore the fascinating process of language development and how we acquire the ability to talk, read and write. Accents and dialects and how they are judged and can affect our life chances is another important area of investigation.

You will also discover some of the important theories that help to explain how language use is connected to gender and power. If you enjoy producing original writing, as well as exploring how others use language, there is an opportunity to do this as part of the coursework.

Students who study this A Level often progress to undergraduate courses in Linguistics, Law, Media and Education. It is a valuable qualification for career pathways such as teaching, marketing, journalism, human resources, law and events management.

Interesting fact about studying this at S6C

You will have the opportunity to write your own articles, short stories or screenplay extracts if you are interested in a career in journalism, professional writing or the media. The Language Investigation coursework will allow you to explore any aspect of language use that interests you – in previous years students have explored the use of swearing in rap lyrics, the gendered language in drink and perfume adverts and whether children’s stories have “dumbed down” their language.


80% Examination
20% Coursework

Equipment Required

Course textbook

General Entry Requirements

5 GCSE qualifications with minimum grade 4

Subject Specific Requirements

Level 5 – English

What Our Students Think

“English Language has allowed me to think more broadly about how I speak and why I say the words that I do in the way that I do, and how it differs from others. I’ve really enjoyed learning about how children acquire language and how different environments can change their development.”  Kitty, previously St Edmunds Girls School