Type of qualification – A Level
Exam Board – AQA

Course Description

Geography is a subject for those who are curious about the world on a variety of scales. You will study how physical forces change and shape our landscape, and find out how the growing human population interacts globally and will cope with diminishing resources.

This A level Geography course will cover both the physical and human environments and the complex interaction of processes between them. It will also, importantly, show the applied side of the subject – how human intervention affects the environment and how people adapt and mitigate the effects of processes on their environment.

There is plenty of room for discussion and extended research which will help you become an independent thinker and learner. By the time you get to your exams you will be able to show your understanding of a range of opinions and stakeholders and be able to illustrate your answers with case studies from local, national and international examples.

You will learn in a wide variety of ways such as by using maps, GIS skills, data analysis, photos, videos, podcasts, as well as attending lessons and self-study in study periods. You will be encouraged to frame your own questions using higher level thinking skills and showing your grasp of complex issues through report and essay writing.

Interesting fact about studying this at S6C

Last year, we had a residential two day field trip to Dorset in Year 12 focusing on the Changing Places unit, and preparation for the independent project. We also undertook local river and city studies during the college day.

A minimum of 4 days compulsory fieldwork across the two years is required to study A level human and physical geography, some of which is independent.

There is also an optional foreign field trip with likely destinations being either Iceland, Morocco or southern Spain.
Over the two year course you will conduct your own research in addition to group fieldwork. You are given guidance to choose a topic that interests you and will investigate an independent enquiry that will count as 20% of your A level qualification.

Entry Requirements

To study this course you will need to meet the overall entry requirements on page 7 for Pathway 1 or 2 including a grade 5 or above in GCSE Maths with an interest in statistical data to support fieldwork activities. There is no requirement to have studied GCSE Geography.

Please see here for more information:

Geography Course Handout

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