Type of qualification – A Level
Exam Board – AQA

Course Description

We all live under the rule of law and so every citizen should have a basic understanding of the legal system. On this course you will learn far more than the basics!

Have you ever wondered why sometimes the innocent are imprisoned while the guilty go free? Do you want to know why it is that some people are awarded damages that run into the tens of thousands? Have you ever wondered how judges, solicitors or juries are appointed and what they do? The A level in Law will answer all your questions and more. Part of the study of law is learning how to construct water-tight arguments that your opponent cannot challenge. Applying legal rules and principles to similar situations through fictional scenarios and actual cases is another skill you will develop. Your ability to think clearly, select evidence and argue your position or for your rights are powerful and valuable employability skills that study of this subject will help you to acquire.

Interesting fact about studying this at S6C

The course is fully supported through an extensive range of electronic resources to assist study including electronic knowledge testing with automatic feedback, animated mindmaps to consolidate learning and sets of electronic flashcards. In the coming year, we will be endeavouring to establish links with local legal professionals to provide relevant work experience for those interested in a career in Law.

Entry Requirements

To study this course you need to meet the overall entry requirements for Pathway 1 or 2 including a grade 5 or above in GCSE English.

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