Type of qualification – A Level
Exam Board – OCT (MEI)

Course Description

Maths is a problem solving subject, that brings many others together many disciplines and is the essential tool used in a wide range of disciplines. You will learn how to analyse a situation, select the methods required, confidently apply them to successfully solve the problem and be able to explain how you have done it. These methods will include some you have done already but, at a greater level of complexity. You will also explore many new ones such as calculus, Newtonian mechanics and statistical analysis. With these, for example, you will be able to see how drug effectiveness is tested. While by looking at methods that are used mechanics you will discover the rules that dictate how the world works. But most of all you will get to solve some tricky puzzles.

What next?

Mathematics A level is held in high regard by universities and employers. Previous S6C students have gone on to study biochemistry, computer science, economics, oceanography, paramedic training, naval engineering and psychology.



Coordinate geometry

Sequences and series


Exponential growth and decay

Statistical distributions

Probability theory

Forces and Newton’s Laws of Motion


Motion of projectiles


Examination 100%

Additional Activities

Visits to maths related sites such as Bletchley Park

Entry Requirements

Þ Minimum 5 GCSES at grade 4 or above

Þ At least grade 6 in GCSE Mathematics

What Our Students Think

“I knew that Maths would be beneficial to me for studying Chemistry and Biology. The teaching is really fantastic and it makes Maths really fun to learn, even when it’s difficult!.”

Corrina, previously The Stonehenge School