RS (Philosophy and Ethics)

Type of qualification – A Level
Exam Board – OCR

Course Description

RS (Philosophy and Ethics) will take you from Dante’s inferno to spinning Sufi Muslims. Religion has been a fundamental part of human development and, in the 21st century, religion still addresses the same eternal questions about life and death, values and relationships, right and wrong.

You will consider a range of fundamental questions about the human condition: Why is there evil? Can you prove the existence of God? Why be moral?

This course offers a broad and thought provoking approach to the study of religion and is accessible to students of any religious persuasion or none.

It requires you to be organised, enthusiastic and prepared to tackle challenging ideas. It will develop the skills needed to examine ethical, philosophical and religious issues in a critical and analytical way.

Interesting fact about studying this at S6C

This course not only allows you to study religion but also combine it with philosophy and ethics, as you would be required to do at degree level.

It draws together a vast range of issues touching on a variety of subjects from history to psychology. While rooted in history and academic study, we predominantly focus on contemporary issues from original sin to euthanasia and gay marriage, making it incredibly relevant to any student.

Entry Requirements

To study this course you need to meet the overall entry requirements for Pathway 1 or 2 including a grade 5 or above in GCSE English.

Please see here for more information:

Religious Studies Course Handout