RS (Philosophy and Ethics)

Type of qualification – A Level
Exam Board – OCR

Course Description

RS (philosophy and Ethics) will take you from Dante’s inferno to spinning Sufi Muslims. You will consider a range of fundamental questions about the human condition; Why is there evil? Can you prove the existence of God? Why be moral?

This course offers a broad and thought-provoking approach to the study of religion and is accessible to students of any religious persuasion or none. It requires you to be organised, enthusiastic and prepared to tackle challenging ideas. In return, you will develop the skills needed to examine ethical, philosophical and religious issues in a critical and analytical way.

What next?

This course is regarded highly by universities as it develops many higher-order thinking skills. Such skills are in high demand in professions such as law, social work, education, politics and the media. A number of students go on to study theology and philosophy at university.


Philosophy of Religion

Religion and Ethics

Developments in Christian Thought


Examination 100%

Additional Activities

Essay tutorials

Student Financial Contribution: Purchase of course textbook

Entry Requirements

Þ Minimum 5 GCSES at grade 4 or above

Þ At least grade 5 in GCSE English

What Our Students Think

“Studying RS (Philosophy & Ethics) has really required me to think. It has opened my mind and changed my perception of day to day life”

Eli, previously The Stonehenge School