S6C Dancers work with Goldhill Dance Company

S6C Dance students are currently working towards the end of year showcase.

Later this month, GoldHill Dance Company are visiting the College to run week long workshops. Our students will be learning some of the dance company’s repertoire and creating their own work. Following this workshop the students will be creating their own dance company where they will have their own jobs and roles and they will create a piece between them.


Poppy Moffitt is a Year 13 student who studies A Levels in Dance, Psychology and Business Studies:

“We started the year by developing our contemporary dance technique. We are now working on the dance performance unit, we are using all the skills we learnt during the technique unit to improve the way we perform each movement. I am really enjoy the performance unit, we are learning and creating several pieces which we will showcase at the end of the year. I’m really excited for the week long workshop that is coming up with Goldhill which we will use to choreograph a piece for the final show.”


Tamara Lancaster is a Year 13 student who studies A Levels in Dance and Business as well as the Cambridge Technical Level 3 Extended Certificate in Sport:

“This year has pushed us out of our comfort zone and has allowed us to push ourselves as dancers.”