Lateral Flow Tests: Letter to parents

Tuesday 24th August 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

NHS Lateral Flow Device Testing – Year 13 students from Friday 3rd September

To return safely to college and to maintain accurate scientific records of COVID transmission for the NHS, we have been asked to start the academic year with Lateral Flow testing for all students. 

By testing, we will help to reduce the spread in college through asymptomatic transmission which enables us to keep S6C open as safely as possible. We will be, once again, testing all students on site when they return in September. We will carry out one initial on site test and following this we will then return to a home testing programme. The tests are free and on a voluntary basis, but I am strongly encouraging all students to partake in our testing programme. 

We will be looking to test all staff and  students as they return to college. On Friday 3rd September,  all Year 13 students will return to college at 8.45 am, to allow an initial re-introduction to COVID control measures and the issuing of timetables during period 1. Throughout the morning, students will go as a tutor group to the Dance studio for their LFT.   Those taking the test will be supervised by Lisa Rodway, our science technician and COVID Lateral Flow Test Coordinator in the first instance. The ‘lateral flow’ tests are quick and easy using a swab of the nose and throat, and students should be very familiar with this process. Students will register their tests and the results will be processed by the college. The majority of students in Year 13 have already been part of the on-site testing programme in March and therefore, there is no need to provide consent again.

We will then ask students to take the test kits home and take a second test on Tuesday 7th September.  

Recording results

It is important that all students record their results in the final step of the process on the NHS site either using their phone or computer. This is explained in the booklet and is a quick and straightforward process.  Not only does this allow large data sets to be analysed by the scientific community to review rates in the local area, but it also  provides an accurate usage count  for the next distribution of test kits arriving on site for staff and students. 

All students must register all negative results on the Government website that same day (please see below for further information on positive results).  Reporting results is easy. Go to report a COVID-19 lateral flow test result or call 119 free from a mobile or landline. Lines are open every day, 7am to 11pm. 

Please note that if your young person has previously tested positive for COVID-19 they are exempt from testing from both LFD or PCR tests within 90 days of a positive result, unless they develop new symptoms. If this applies to your young person  they will not be part of the testing programme in September could you please email to advise us of this. 

What if the result of the Lateral Flow test is positive?

If a student tests positive on a lateral flow device, the parent/carer will be contacted and asked to collect them immediately. The student will be directed to  reception where they will await collection. The results of all positive cases will be reported to NHS Test and Trace, via the Government website, by the college. The student will need to self-isolate immediately and a confirmatory PCR test ordered. The confirmatory PCR test should be taken within two days of the positive LFD test. If the confirmatory PCR is also positive, follow guidance from NHS Test and Trace and continue to self-isolate. If the confirmatory PCR is negative the student can stop self-isolating and return to college. Should a confirmatory PCR not be obtained, the student should self-isolate for 10 days from the result of the positive lateral flow test.

Testing at home

Students will be provided with an information guide with their test kit, but an electronic copy of this information is attached here: 

Self Testing Instructions

Another useful guide to testing for parents can be read here by following the link

A guide to regular rapid Covid-19 testing

Students and staff are asked to complete 2 tests each week thereafter, 3 to 5 days apart.  For many students a test in the evening may be more manageable and less time pressured than early morning before college.   We have not yet received a timescale of how many weeks we are asked to undertake the tests, so we will update you when we know. 

We will support our students throughout, but please contact us if you have any questions. You can contact the office via

Yours faithfully, 

Louise Henderson 

Head of College