S6C Sport student coaches Salisbury’s U13 Football Team

Adam Moussa is a Year 13 S6C student. He studies the Cambridge Technical Level 3 Diploma in Sport and A Level Business.

“Sport has been a very good opportunity for me, it has helped me decide what I want to do for my career and also gain experience in that field.

During my second year of college I have had to organise my own work experience and complete 20 hours of work experience, which has given me confidence and motivation to pursue this as a career. At the end of my work experience I was offered to stay on and help coach Salisbury’s U13 football team, which was a great opportunity for me as the club can also put me through to complete my level 1 FA coaching course, improving my CV and also making me more employable for coaching companies.

In addition, during my second year at college one of my units I had to complete was to carry out a number of coaching sessions, for this unit my colleague and I were given the opportunity to visit St Martins primary school to carry out a few coaching sessions with the primary school kids which I gained a lot of experience from.”

-Adam Moussa

Find out more about Sport at S6C here: https://www.salisbury6c.ac.uk/courses/sport-level-3-cambridge-technical/