Physics students attend Particle Physics Masterclass

Physics students at S6C attended a Particle Physics Masterclass last week at the STFC’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.


Students toured the facility, including one of the experiment bays where various materials are positioned in front of an incredibly bright and focused X-ray beam.


Students analysed trace images, looking for signs of the Higgs Boson. Students had to find one Higgs trace in only 200 collisions; in reality, a sign of a Higgs boson might appear less than once every billion collisions.


Year 12 student, Jake Charman said, “I didn’t realise the amount of real world applications of the work carried out in particle accelerators.” Another Year 12 student, Rachel Barlow, said “I was fascinated by the talk about the applications of accelerators and how they can be used to treat cancers as I had no idea that they did this and that it was possible.”