S6C goes to Nepal

Six S6C students visited Nepal over October half term to help schools affected by the devastating earthquake in April this year.

Emily Clark, Heather Trudgill, Ellie Abbott, Adam Harris, Charlie Green and Selina Sheldon travelled to Kathmandu and worked in Yuva Prativa School, decorating the classrooms and teaching the children.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better school to have gone to, they were so welcoming,” said Ellie. “Painting the three classrooms was not the hardest job but they were so appreciative of it and thought it was the best thing ever. You feel you have done something for the greater good.”

Art and Photography teacher, Sophie Bellars and English and Drama teacher, Lyall Dew, travelled with the students and helped them to create murals on the classroom walls and teach the children English.

Our students also planned sessions to teach the children about personal and dental hygiene. Students and staff at S6C collected over 100 toothbrushes prior to the trip which were then distributed to children in the school during the informational session.

As part of the trip they also visited a HIV clinic. The students were moved by seeing the effects of this disease and have therefore decided to raise money for the MSPN Centre by organising a fancy dress day at S6C.

The visit also incorporated the opportunity to venture outside of the classroom and visit Chitwan National Park and an elephant sanctuary. The group also canoed down a river where they saw crocodiles entering the water ahead of their boat.

The students say they are far more appreciative of the luxuries they have at home since returning from the trip and they would love to have the opportunity to return. We are planning another trip of a similar nature for next year; if you’re interested in participating in the trip, please contact Miss Bellars.