S6C Students visit Auschwitz

Last month, two S6C students had the opportunity to go to Auschwitz.


Year 12 student, Charlie Sessions, said, “The purpose of the trip was to educate students about Auschwitz and what took place there, a goal that they definitely achieved. The trip started when Dr Tye (S6C History teacher) picked me up at 2am before going and picking up Daisy from Salisbury. We then travelled down to Exeter airport for our flight at 7am and after a short delay we took off at 7:45am. Three hours later we arrived in Poland and were taken to coaches that took us to a large, pre-war Jewish Cemetery. It was at this cemetery that we saw the grave of the last Jewish person to live in that town. From the Cemetery we went to Auschwitz and had a tour of the site including the surviving gas chamber and unsurprisingly it was incredibly moving. We then moved onto Auschwitz-Birkenau and had another tour of the complex. After we had the tour we had a Jewish Ceremony at the Memorial out of respect for those who were killed at Auschwitz. We then were transported back to the airport and then home. Overall it was an amazing trip that was very emotive and I would recommend it to anyone that has the chance to go.”

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Year 13 student, Daisy Vanderputt, who also attended, said, “Going to Auschwitz was one of the hardest but eye opening experiences I’ve ever had. Before going I really struggled to humanise the statistics but going there helped me to realise that everyone who was there, victims and perpetrators were individuals with their own stories.”