S6C students will experience a personalised tour of London’s Southbank

Year 13 English Literature  A level class are going to London on 2nd March 2019 for a personalised Shakespeare’s Globe tour of London’s Southbank to gain an insight into the life and times of Christopher Marlowe, imagining the Elizabethan London that lies beneath the streets of our capital. We will be seeing the Globe’s production of Marlowe’s early gay rights play, Edward II, in their small indoor theatre. Writing about drama is always going to be improved by seeing a live performance and 50% of the marks in this section come from an exploration of context, so the trip will have a direct impact on success in the exam (and our college bursary scheme means that all students will have the opportunity to attend). This class have already seen a performance of Owen Sheers’ recently written play about the experiences of soldiers in the Afghan conflict, which sprang from a rehabilitation project supported by the British Legion. The director, choreographer and cast chatted to us for an hour after the performance, providing invaluable insight for the students to weave into their main piece of coursework.