S6C Update

Pastoral Update

Rebecca Anderson – Pastoral Lead

As pastoral lead, it’s always a privilege to meet and support our new Year 12 and welcome back the familiar faces in Year 13. We love our college community and want everyone to know they have a safe and nurturing place at S6C, where they can learn and grow and challenge themselves, as they build further on their existing skills and knowledge, and also build a community together.

In addition to our full day focus on mental health and wellbeing, Year 12 have been following the first section of our Life Skills Pathway, in tutor and assemblies: It’s All About You. They have had sessions on settling in, working out who we want to be, online safety, how to support our college LGBTQ+ community, careers, and Black History Month. Year 13 are working on the last section of the Life Skills Pathway, Be The Best Version Of Yourselves and have had loads of information and personal support in planning their next steps, whether that is uni, apprenticeships or employment, but they have also had a think about how to manage their online footprint, and how to study and revise.

As a college, we have celebrated National Mental Health Day, National Coming Out Day, and Black History Month and our Student Union has been asking students which awareness days, events and religious or cultural celebrations they would like us to mark during the year. We are always open to suggestions to add to our existing calendar. So much for us all to learn and so much to remember and celebrate! Our amazing Student Union are settling into their roles and will share student feedback with us on whatever is important to our young people at any given moment, so that we can develop this college together.

Pastoral support sits at the heart of S6C. Students can thrive academically and personally when they are supported in their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. There is information on how to get help in college on our website but also on the back of every toilet door in college – students can look out for the Safe@S6C and Who Can Help Me posters, and can book a short meeting with Catherine Pennington, for mental health support, and with me for any other issue (or if mental health issues are complicated by other concerns). Tutors, teachers, study centre staff, our Reception team , and other support staff, are all able and willing to help and can pass on concerns as needed, whilst maintaining a respectful and sensitive approach to sharing information.

The college runs on mutual respect and we treat these amazing young people like young adults from the moment they walk through the door. We have had to encourage a few students to rise to this challenge but we know from past experience that they will all get there!

Our aim is to make college inclusive for all and we have said to students that we always want to hear if our high standards for kindness, encouragement, and a zero tolerance approach to racism, bullying, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, or discrimination, are not being met. If we know, we have an opportunity to challenge and educate and support as needed. We are also very aware that everyone learns differently and we all have our strengths and areas for development, and some students have very specific needs. Students who would like some more help accessing their courses, the pastoral programme, clubs, and special events, can send me a Chat message and we will then chat in person, or arrange for them to talk to someone they know, to help them plan steps that will make them feel settled, even when out of their comfort zones.

We always welcome input from parents and carers, even as our young adults move towards independence. We are available for your young people, and our wider college community, so do not hesitate to get in touch.

I’d like to remind students to keep themselves safe in person and online, and that external help is available for young adults up to the age of 25 from The Mix, and from The Samaritans 24/7 for all. Students or families with concerns about mental health can also ring the Single Point of Access number on this website, which also has a huge amount of support information for young people and their carers.

Please do ask your young people if you can take a look at the resources for Black History Month on Classroom. S6C celebrates Black / other cultural and ethnic background History in October and every day. Year 12 had an honest and encouraging talk from Nya, who was with us 5 years ago, on growing up in Salisbury coming from a mixed racial background. Asked to send her highlights to share with you, she said: “I don’t think Salisbury always lends itself very well to getting in touch with your background, however there are things you can do! I would encourage BAME students to read the works of authors such as Toni Morrison, Bell Hooks, or the works of any author from their background!” 

“In an attempt to become more connected to my ancestry, I tried to do things like cooking traditional dishes, listen to the stories of family members, and even did things like going to carnivals in London or Bristol. All these things can help contribute a feeling of community and maybe help you learn more about yourself in the process.” 

She also encouraged all other students to join in with the celebration of black/other cultures and enjoy the music, writing, film, cultural and academic achievements, and to keep listening and learning.

Black History Is Now | Spotify

BBC iplayer Black History Month

GCSE resits

A letter with all the information you need if you are taking GCSE resits has been sent to parents. Please get in touch if you haven’t received this. Students should be in college 30 minutes before their exam and breakfast will be available. The results for these exams will be published on Thursday 11 January 2024. Please click here for the GCSE resits timetable.

Dates for your diary

  • Wednesday 01 November S6C Football Academy v. Swindon (away)
  • Wednesday 01 November S6C Netball Academy v. Burgate (away)
  • Tuesday 07 November English and Maths GCSE Resit Exams start
  • Wednesday 08 November S6C Netball Academy v Brock College (away)
  • Thursday 09 November Cause for concern parents evening 
  • Monday 13 November Year 12 DC2 Assessment Week
  • Wednesday 15 November S6C Football Academy v. Bristol Rovers (home @ Ringwood Football Club)
  • Thursday 16 November Open Evening 5.30pm BOOK TICKETS HERE
  • Monday 20 November Harry Potter Studios trip
  • Wednesday 22 November S6C Football Academy v. Cheltenham (away)
  • Wednesday 22 November S6C Netball Academy v. Andover College (away)
  • Monday 27 November Year 13 DC7 Mocks Assessment Week TIMETABLE
  • Tuesday 28 November British Library trip
  • Wednesday 29 November S6C Football Academy v. Swindon (away)
  • Thursday 30 November Year 12 Parents Evening
  • Wednesday 06 December S6C Football Academy v. Bristol Rovers (home @ Ringwood Football Club)
  • Wednesday 06 December S6C Netball Academy v. South Wilts Grammar School (away)
  • Thursday 07 December Sexual Health and Healthy Relationships Development Day
  • Thursday 07 December Interview Evening
  • Friday 08 December Christmas Jumper Day
  • Thursday 14 December Year 13 University Mock Interviews