S6C Update

Mental Health Awareness Week
Huge thanks to Liz Stavely, our Mental Health Lead, who has done a tremendous job in raising awareness and support for good mental health. Highlights from last week include an inter-faculty netball tournament, a visit from Paddy the therapy dog and on Thursday a huge knot (collective noun) of frogs descended on us! The themes on Wednesday and Thursday were #WearitGreen and #BeActive and staff and students were invited to show their support for wellbeing by wearing something green. During our Enrichment slot, Liz was on hand to chat through coping strategies for anxiety and the inter-faculty netball was great fun, with staff and students demonstrating impressive skills and a surprising level of competitiveness. Operation Adopt a Frog was a lovely way to spread kindness where students could keep the frogs they found, give them to others or exchange them to be entered into a prize draw. At one point, whole teams of students were sweeping the college looking for frogs! Term 5 can be a stressful time for students, particularly those in Year 13. We recognise this and are on hand to provide a listening ear and signpost students towards support. If your child is feeling the strain, please encourage them to message Liz on Chat and we can arrange a 1:1.

Liz has also developed the S6C Student Wellbeing and Mental Health site to help our young people negotiate college life and provide guidance and support for anything related to pastoral matters, mental health, physical wellbeing, personal safety and issues affecting studying. Please click on the link to see the resources available: Students @ S6C

Please click on the following link which will take you to the Wellbeing and Mental Health Support page on our website.

Stars of S6C
Last week, to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week, we launched a new way of recognising effort and personal achievement at college. Every Wednesday, up to 5 students from Y12 and Y13, who have gone above and beyond our expectations, will have their names displayed on the screen in the cafe and for being nominated as a Star of S6C these students can claim a free bar of chocolate any time on Wednesday to Friday of that week. 

10 Year Anniversary
This year S6C is 10 and to celebrate we are having afternoon tea in the sunshine (hopefully) on Friday 24 May at 2.30pm. Please do come and join us to celebrate this wonderful achievement. RSVP by clicking HERE.

Exams are now in full swing and we know that this can be a very stressful time. If you have any concerns please feel free to contact the Exams Officer or Head of College directly.

Revision Support – what to revise
Revision Guide
 – how to revise
Revision is hugely important and taking past papers is a brilliant way to learn what to expect. Please ask your teacher for help if you don’t know how to approach your revision or if you would like to access past papers for your subjects. If exam stress is affecting your wellbeing, please remember that support is available from the team in college.
Preparing for Exams
Coping with Exam Stress
2024 Exam Timetable

Please click on the link for the year 12 mock exams timetable. Please note that exam locations have now been added: Year 12 Mock Exam Timetable

We’d like to draw your attention to these notices, which have been published on Google Classroom by Rebecca Anderson, our Pastoral Lead. All very important and worth considering during exam season:
– The press has been highlighting online scams (on instagram and tiktok) charging for access to this year’s exam papers. These are not real, however convincing they look, and any suggestion that you have cheated in any way (even if the scheme turns out to be a scam) will lose you your qualifications. Please be aware. 
– HAYFEVER is a nightmare round exam season so if you suffer, start taking a daily antihistamine. Your local pharmacy can advise you. 
– Please see us if you are feeling stressed – don’t just skip class or make excuses or bury your head in the sand – let us know, and we can help. 
– There are viruses about. If you are a little bit unwell then take the recommended dose of paracetamol or lemsip and drink plenty of water. If you are really ill (fever, vomiting etc) then stay home and get better but do get someone from home to sign you off please. 
– Do come to class rather than doing your own revision in that time. The expert guidance in each lesson makes a MASSIVE difference in these final weeks. If you don’t feel that you are getting quality revision in class, please mention this to me, so I can guide you. 
– S6C does not have a strict clothing policy and we value self expression – but please be mindful that even on warm days, clothes should be appropriate for a purposeful and professional working environment. If you are heading out to enjoy the sunshine or go to a more informal event before or after, consider bringing an extra layer to pop on for college. 
– The sun is definitely warm enough to cause skin damage so do use sunscreen – there will be a small stock in the Quiet Room, along with the free toiletries, sanitary products and food basics, so please help yourself if it’s a struggle.

S6C Photography Competition
Don’t forget the 2024 S6C photography competition is still open. We thought ‘who better to promote our college than the students themselves?’ and alongside a cash prize, entrants will have the opportunity for their images to appear in print and online. We are looking forward to seeing the college through our student’s eyes and can’t wait to see the entries! 

S6C Student Union
We have been really pleased with the number of applications to join the S6C Student Union and we are looking forward to introducing the new team in due course. This student led group really does make a difference and the views of the student union are held in high regard by the college leadership team. This is an amazing opportunity to develop the college and support and build our college community, whilst increasing individual skills and strengthening future applications. S6C Student Union

2024 Applications
The last interviews for prospective September 2024 students have now taken place. We received a record number of applications this year but it’s not too late if you still want to apply – there are still places available on some courses: APPLY NOW

Work Experience
If there is anyone still struggling to find work/career experience, Unifrog is offering the opportunity to complete work experience virtually and connect with big name employers. Click here for more information.

Rebecca Anderson – Pastoral Lead
In tutor and assembly we are really trying to make sure that Year 13 leave with the skills and knowledge they will need in the future. Information and support will always be available, but this is the last time in their education or training that someone will be directly telling them stuff and showing them where to go for help. Please encourage them to make the most of it. Please click here to find out where to find support after college.
University and Apprenticeships
– If you applied to UCAS on time then you should have all your offers by 16 May, and you need to accept by 06 June – but you can still apply, so come and talk to us if you want to get an application together. If you are going to uni then you need to apply for Student Finance – you can apply any time but it is recommended you apply before the end of May to guarantee getting your first payment on time. You do not need to have accepted a firm offer – use your preferred choice and go back in and change it once you have chosen. Here are some useful links:
Student Finance – how to apply
Student Finance in England – everything you need to know
Deadlines for Accepting University Offers – UCAS
University Bursary – Wiltshire Community Foundation
Disabled Students Allowance

The Wiltshire Community Foundation Grant is still open so PLEASE apply if you think you might be eligible – you can check all the details on the link. I am sure there are students who are eligible and should have applied but haven’t so please come and see me for help!

If anyone needs help applying for DSA (disabled students allowance – which is for any kind of additional support needs) then please let me know. I can also help with uni accommodation applications. But we can only help if we know!

– Any student needing to do an interview for apprenticeship, employment or university can come and see Rebecca to arrange some guidance and practice;
– Any student needing advice on volunteering, work experience, or wider engagement, to prepare for strong applications, should talk to their teachers, tutor or Rebecca as soon as they know what area they may be interested in;
– We offer a full support service for those applying for apprenticeships, but it has to be responsive to the job market, so there are no set dates for the different stages. This means that students need to show a high level of initiative and independence, but we are here to help and we expect to be involved – we can help search, check applications, and prepare for interviews.
Polly Wiggins is our external careers advisor and students wanting to book an appointment should message Rachel Cooke.
– If your home circumstances have changed and you think you might need a bursary, then it is never too late to apply: S6C Bursary Support

S6C Football Academy
Community and Education Football Alliance League


Monday 20 May
EXAM 09:00 A Level Sociology
EXAM 09:00 A Level Environmental Science
Tuesday 21 May
EXAM 09:00 AS Sociology
EXAM 09:00 A Level Business
EXAM 09:00 A Level Film Studies
EXAM 13:30 AS Psychology

Wednesday 22 May
EXAM 09:00 A Level Psychology
EXAM 09:00 CTEC Sport

Thursday 23 May
EXAM 09:00 Core Maths
EXAM 09:00 GCSE English
EXAM 09:00 A Level History
EXAM 09:00 AS RS
EXAM 13:30 A Level English Language

Friday 24 May
EXAM 09:00 A Level Physics
EXAM 09:00 A Level English Literature
EXAM 13:30 AS Business

10 Year Anniversary Celebration
Monday 27 May
Half Term
Monday 03 June
Term Begins
EXAM 09:00 GCSE Maths
EXAM 09:00 A Level Geography
EXAM 13:30 AS RS
EXAM 13:30 A Level Psychology

Tuesday 04 June

EXAM 09:00 A Level Sociology
EXAM 09:00 A Level Film Studies
EXAM 13:30 A Level Maths

Wednesday 05 June

EXAM 09:00 A Level English Literature
MOCK EXAM 13:00 PE Practical Moderation
EXAM 13:30 A Level Biology

Thursday 06 June
EXAM 09:00 GCSE English
EXAM 09:00 A Level Physics
EXAM 09:00 A Level Business

MOCK EXAM 09:00 Art
MOCK EXAM 09:00 Photography

Friday 07 June
MLP Pupil Parliament Meeting
EXAM 09:00 A Level Environmental Science
EXAM 09:00 A Level English Language
EXAM 13:30 A Level History

Monday 10 June
EXAM 09:00 GCSE Maths
EXAM 09:00 A Level Chemistry
EXAM 09:00 A Level RS

MOCK EXAM 09:00 English Language
MOCK EXAM 09:00 Environmental Science
MOCK EXAM 09:00 Maths
MOCK EXAM 13:00 Psychology

Tuesday 11 June
EXAM 09:00 A Level History
MOCK EXAM 09:00 English Literature
MOCK EXAM 09:00 Geography
MOCK EXAM 09:00 Physics
MOCK EXAM 13:00 History
MOCK EXAM 13:00 Chemistry

EXAM 13:30 A Level Sociology
EXAM 13:30 A Level Maths

Wednesday 12 June
MOCK EXAM 09:00 Sociology
MOCK EXAM 09:00 Biology
MOCK EXAM 13:00 Film Studies
MOCK EXAM 13:00 Chemistr
Thursday 13 June
MOCK EXAM 09:00 Psychology
MOCK EXAM 13:00 Business

Friday 14 June
EXAM 09:00 A Level Biology
MOCK EXAM 09:00 English Language
MOCK EXAM 09:00 Environmental Science
MOCK EXAM 09:00 Maths
MOCK EXAM 13:00 English Literature
MOCK EXAM 13:00 Geography
MOCK EXAM 13:00 Physics

Monday 17 June
EXAM 09:00 A Level Physics
MOCK EXAM 09:00 History
MOCK EXAM 13:00 Sociology
MOCK EXAM 13:00 Biology

EXAM 13:30 A Level RS
Prefect Training Day
Tuesday 18 June
EXAM 09:00 A Level Chemistry
Wednesday 19 June
EXAM 09:00 A Level Biology
Thursday 20 June
EXAM 09:00 A Level RS
EXAM 13:30 A Level Maths

Friday 21 June
EXAM 09:00 A Level Chemistry
Tuesday 25 June
UCAS and Apprenticeships Information Evening
Thursday 27 June
Freshers Day
Friday 28 June
Year 13 Prom
Tuesday 02 July
Psychology Trip to Marwell Zoo
Wednesday 03 July
Pembroke Park Science Day at S6C