S6C Update

Keep going! This is the message that we have been giving to all our Year 13 students. Everyone at S6C is so proud of the work this cohort has put into their studies and we wish them every success in completing their courses and exams. We can’t quite believe that there is only one more week to go and they will be finished! There will be a Year 13 Leavers Gathering in the Study Centre, a few days before Prom, on Wednesday 26 June from 12.15pm. We ask that all our leavers bring back any books and bursary laptops they have borrowed or textbooks they are happy to donate.  

We would also like to say well done to our Year 12 students who have been taking mock exams all week. They have shown us just how mature and resilient they can be and we are looking forward to seeing them all progress to Year 13. Thank you to Liz Stavely for running an exam stress workshop prior to the mocks to ensure our students were fully prepared and knew what to expect. 

Parent Survey
We would like to follow up on the feedback parents gave us in the survey sent by the Magna Learning Partnership Trust earlier in the year. The link below will direct you to another survey which looks a little more closely at some of the issues raised. We would love it if as many parents as possible could complete the survey. We welcome all feedback, positive or negative, and we are really keen to hear your thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to respond to the survey. It is really important to us to learn the views of our parents so that we can seek to make improvements where we can.
S6C Parent / Guardian Survey

Unlock Year 13, Next Level, Next Steps
Tuesday 09 July 2024
To ensure a smooth transition to Year 13, attendance is mandatory at this event. Please make sure that all other commitments have been cancelled as this is an all day event where you will enroll for Year 13 and confirm your place. You will get your appointment slot for re-enrollment in the first session of the day. What to expect:
– We will discuss your work experience placement and your feedback
– We will discuss the results from your mocks and set expectations for Year 13
– Your attendance record will be reviewed, and expectations for Year 13 will be established
If you have any concerns or need assistance, feel free to reach out to Rachel via Google Chat.
Please also check that you have completed:
– Character Curriculum Tracker
– Careers Passport
– Registered for UCAS (used for both Uni applications and references for apprenticeships and employment)

Work Experience
The deadline for logging work experience is fast approaching! All three day Work Placements must be logged by Friday 21 June but you can complete the placement up until the end of August. If you have struggled to find a placement, there is the opportunity to complete ‘virtual’ work experience. This can be accessed through UniFrog as an ‘Activity’ rather than a ‘Placement’ and will provide a valuable insight and connection with big name employers. Click here for more information and let Rachel Cooke know if you sign up so she can make sure you are ticked as having completed this very important part of Year 12.

Rebecca Anderson – Pastoral Lead
Our Pastoral Lead, Rebecca Anderson, has these important messages:
• You are able to contact the pastoral team until the summer if you need help with next steps, careers, or safeguarding. 
• If you would like to apply to uni in the next few years, using S6C UCAS, then contact the office or your tutor, and we will do what we can to help. 
• Please keep in touch with us – we really value our S6C alumni!
• If you could do with some toiletries, period products, food basics, or sunscreen, then please do take what you need from the Quiet Room on the third floor. It has been donated to be used! 
• The S6C Christian Union have arranged a small free gift for you as you move onto your next steps, so please do take a tin of beans and a cookbook.

Pride Month
June is Pride Month in the UK and a great opportunity to explore and celebrate LGBTQ+ culture (either as part of the community or as an ally). Links will be posted on Classroom over the next few weeks. Here are three things to get started: a page on wellbeing from Mind, a list of 30 influential LGBTQ+ celebrities across sport, music, entertainment, politics and business. And the CBBC LGBTQ+ page with some (very easy) explainers!
Pride at Mind
The Independent Pride List 2024
Happy Pride from CBBC

General Election
If you are going to be 18 by Thursday 04 July then YOU MUST REGISTER TO VOTE by 11:59pm on 18 June 2024. A list of candidates for Salisbury is in the link below, with representatives for Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, Green, Reform UK, and Arthur Pendragon (who stands as an independent candidate). Please use your voice and your rights . Research it and make an informed decision using reliable sources – or talk to a few people you trust – or just turn up and decide on the day – but TURN UP and BE PART OF THIS.  
Voting for the first time – all you need to know
When is the UK General Election and who can vote?
Register to vote
Elections in your area
Who will be standing to be Salisbury’s next MP?

Support After S6C
In tutor and assembly we are really trying to make sure that Year 13 leave with the skills and knowledge they will need in the future. Information and support will always be available, but this is the last time in their education or training that someone will be directly telling them stuff and showing them where to go for help. Please encourage them to make the most of it. Please click here to find out where to find support after college.

University and Apprenticeships
Here are some useful links:
Student Finance – how to apply
Student Finance in England – everything you need to know
Deadlines for Accepting University Offers – UCAS
Disabled Students Allowance

If anyone needs help applying for DSA (disabled students allowance – which is for any kind of additional support needs) then please let me know. I can also help with uni accommodation applications. But we can only help if we know!

– Any student needing to do an interview for apprenticeship, employment or university can come and see Rebecca to arrange some guidance and practice;
– Any student needing advice on volunteering, work experience, or wider engagement, to prepare for strong applications, should talk to their teachers, tutor or Rebecca as soon as they know what area they may be interested in;
– We offer a full support service for those applying for apprenticeships, but it has to be responsive to the job market, so there are no set dates for the different stages. This means that students need to show a high level of initiative and independence, but we are here to help and we expect to be involved – we can help search, check applications, and prepare for interviews.
Polly Wiggins is our external careers advisor and students wanting to book an appointment should message Rachel Cooke.
– If your home circumstances have changed and you think you might need a bursary, then it is never too late to apply: S6C Bursary Support

Craig Chambers – Assistant Head
Year 13 Leavers

Your college account will be deleted when you leave S6C. This will mean that all your work will be deleted and you will not be able to access this again. If you want a copy of your work for future use, you MUST use Google Takeout to download your work:
– Head to the Google Takeout website: https://takeout.google.com
– Sign in with your college Google Account. You’ll see a list of Google products. Uncheck everything except “Drive”. Click the checkbox next to “Drive” and then select “All Drive data included” for a complete download.
– At the bottom, you can choose how you want to receive your files (email or cloud storage) and the file format (.zip is recommended).
– Click “Create export” and Google will start collecting your files. This might take a while depending on how much data you have. Once it’s ready, you’ll get a notification email with a link to download your archived files.
– Downloaded files might be organised differently than in your Drive.
– This download only includes your own files, not shared folders or files owned by others.
Tip: Save your downloaded files on a secure external hard drive or cloud storage for safekeeping.
Don’t wait! Download your work and keep a copy for your future endeavours.

S6C Football Academy
Community and Education Football Alliance League


Monday 17 June
EXAM 09:00 A Level Physics
MOCK EXAM 09:00 History
MOCK EXAM 13:00 Sociology
MOCK EXAM 13:00 Biology

EXAM 13:30 A Level RS
Prefect Training Day – The Stonehenge School
Tuesday 18 June
EXAM 09:00 A Level Chemistry
Wednesday 19 June
EXAM 09:00 A Level Biology
Thursday 20 June
EXAM 09:00 A Level RS
EXAM 13:30 A Level Maths

Friday 21 June
EXAM 09:00 A Level Chemistry
Tuesday 25 June
UCAS and Apprenticeships Information Evening – reserve your free place here
Wednesday 26 June
Leavers Lunch from 12.15pm
Thursday 27 June
Freshers Day
Friday 28 June
Year 13 Prom
Tuesday 02 July
Psychology Trip to Marwell Zoo
Wednesday 03 July
Pembroke Park Science Day at S6C
SEND Afternoon Tea 3pm to 5pm
Tuesday 09 July
Unlock Year 13, Next Level, Next Steps
Friday 12 July
Terms Ends