S6C Update

Thank you to all parents who took the time to complete the recent survey. We really do value your feedback and it was incredibly useful to hear your views. It was wonderful to see the overwhelming positive response and we really appreciate comments such as ‘I feel that the staff go above and beyond to support my child’s learning. They encourage and believe in her.‘, ‘My daughter is thriving‘ and ‘I have been so happy with my son’s progress at S6C. The staff are brilliant as is the pastoral care – thank you‘.

However, we are always looking to improve and there were two areas in which we have very clearly fallen short of your expectations. Making improvements in these areas will now be a priority for us. Staff absence was of particular concern and currently, if a teacher is unwell, work should be set for students on Google Classroom. There is a significant amount of work for students to work through on Google Classroom and there should never be a time that a student has nothing to do. But we do fully appreciate that nothing ever replaces being in class with a subject specialist and as the college continues to grow we do now have more capacity to cover staff in the case of a prolonged absence. The other area of concern was a lack of communication regarding student progress. We are currently working to mitigate this by the development of a parent portal which will be launched in September and will provide far more access to progress data. If any parents would like to be part of the test group for this please feel free to email me directly. We will also be running in-person parents evenings on the following dates:
– all year 12 parents evening on 28 November between 4pm and 6pm
– all year 13 parents evening on 09 January between 4pm and 6pm
– all year 12 parents evening on 03 July between 4pm and 6pm

If you ever wish to contact your child’s teacher, all staff emails can be accessed here on the college website https://www.salisbury6c.ac.uk/about-s6c/our-staff/.

We have had a busy penultimate week, our Psychology students visited Marwell Zoo and we welcomed Year 5 pupils from Pembroke Park Primary School for a Science Day – building rockets, looking at cells under a microscope, discovering the principles of psychology with Paddy the therapy dog, making rainbows and setting teachers on fire (all very safely and within the constraints of a lab). 

We have just one week left until the summer holidays. Until then, our Year 12s must attend lessons as usual right up until Friday 12 July, when the college will close at lunchtime. Tuesday 09 July is a really important day for our Year 12s when they Unlock Year 13, Next Level, Next Steps. We would like to see ALL students that day to ensure a smooth transition to Year 13. At the beginning of the day, each student will be given an appointment time where they will be enrolled into Year 13 and the following will be discussed:
– work experience placement and feedback
– mocks results
– expectations for Year 13
– attendance record

Please can all students also check they have completed their:
– Character Curriculum Tracker
– Careers Passport
– Registered for UCAS (used for both Uni applications and references for apprenticeships and employment)
If you have any concerns or need assistance, please speak to Rachel via Google Chat.

End of Year Exams
Some of you are asking about the impact of your results on predicted grades:
– On your report you will see THREE GRADES. 
– Your TARGET GRADE is the grade that the computer generates based on your GCSE results in combination with your chosen subjects. This does not change over your time with us, but it is only an indicator of your potential. 
– Your PREDICTED GRADE is the grade your teachers currently think you will get, based on evidence, if you continue to follow the same working patterns and level of progress into Year 13. This will be updated after each data capture. 
– Your UCAS PREDICTED GRADE is a more generous grade, still evidence based, but assuming you will work super hard from now on, and that things will go very well. This is the grade we will use for university and apprenticeship applications. If the picture changes significantly before we have to enter these grades, then it can still go up or down, and you can ask your teachers for your current UCAS PREDICTED grade, at any time. This will give you an idea where to pitch your applications as you start to think about your next steps – we recommend putting in a range of applications with room for challenge at the top end and a safety net at the lower end. 

We will be taking you through information on applying for jobs, apprenticeships and university on the Unlock Year 13 Development Day on Tuesday 09 July. Here is some clarification on how to unlock Year 13:
– If you get a D or above in your end of year exams, or your vocational work is complete at the expected level, then you will go straight into Year 13. 
– If you get an E or U, and this is two grades below your target, or your vocational work is not complete at the expected level, then you will be asked to complete catch up work and revision over the summer holidays, so you are well placed to succeed in Year 13. 
– You will then be asked to sit a further end of year exam, or show your completed work, at the very start of the new term. 
– If you succeed at this stage (which most students do) then you go into Year 13 with new confidence, and well prepared to continue. 
– If you don’t achieve at this stage, then we will review your performance in light of your attendance and your progress this year, and work with you to put extra support in place or overcome any barriers, which, for some, may include considering a course change or alternate next steps, so that we can find the best path for you.

Apprenticeships, Employment and University
– Any student needing to do an interview for apprenticeship, employment or university can come and see Rebecca to arrange some guidance and practice;
– Any student needing advice on volunteering, work experience, or wider engagement, to prepare for strong applications, should talk to their teachers, tutor or Rebecca as soon as they know what area they may be interested in;
– We offer a full support service for those applying for apprenticeships, but it has to be responsive to the job market, so there are no set dates for the different stages. This means that students need to show a high level of initiative and independence, but we are here to help and we expect to be involved – we can help search, check applications, and prepare for interviews.

Destinations Advice
Introduction to Apprenticeships
Graham Waton, Widening Access Outreach Manager, University of Bath

Polly Wiggins is our external careers advisor and students wanting to book an appointment should message Rachel Cooke.

– If your home circumstances have changed and you think you might need a bursary, then it is never too late to apply: S6C Bursary Support

S6C Student Union
The student union is here to represent you, our students! Please talk to them so they can share your views. You can also post suggestions in the box by the SU noticeboard in the foyer. In September we will be starting Friday morning Tea and Toast, a free breakfast run by the SU (Stars Appeal donation optional) which can be used to share ideas (or just to eat toast). So far the SU have helped shape the Expectations posters which are going up around college and informed discussions surrounding lanyards, the ability to upgrade ID photos, pronoun badges for those who would like them, the Careers Passport and Character Curriculum Tracker, which Development Days we would like to celebrate as a college, planning for a new Celebrating Cultures Day next year, and the launch of a mental health audit so we can provide you with the support you want and need.

– Please fill out the Year 13 Exit Survey
– You are able to contact the pastoral team until the summer if you need help with next steps, careers, or safeguarding.
– If you would like to apply to uni in the next few years, using S6C UCAS, then contact the office or your tutor, and we will do what we can to help.
– Please keep in touch with us. We really value our S6C alumni!
– Please click here to find out where to find support after college.
– Student Finance – how to apply
– Student Finance in England – everything you need to know
– Deadlines for Accepting University Offers – UCAS
– Disabled Students Allowance
. If anyone needs help applying for DSA (disabled students allowance – which is for any kind of additional support needs) then please let Rebecca know. I can also help with uni accommodation applications. But we can only help if we know!
– Your college account will be deleted when you leave S6C. This will mean that all your work will be deleted and you will not be able to access this again. If you want a copy of your work for future use, you MUST use Google Takeout to download your work:
– Head to the Google Takeout website: https://takeout.google.com
– Sign in with your college Google Account. You’ll see a list of Google products. Uncheck everything except “Drive”. Click the checkbox next to “Drive” and then select “All Drive data included” for a complete download.
– At the bottom, you can choose how you want to receive your files (email or cloud storage) and the file format (.zip is recommended).
– Click “Create export” and Google will start collecting your files. This might take a while depending on how much data you have. Once it’s ready, you’ll get a notification email with a link to download your archived files. Remember:
– Downloaded files might be organised differently than in your Drive.
– This download only includes your own files, not shared folders or files owned by others.
Tip: Save your downloaded files on a secure external hard drive or cloud storage for safekeeping.
Don’t wait! Download your work and keep a copy for your future endeavours.

S6C Football Academy
Community and Education Football Alliance League


Tuesday 09 July
Unlock Year 13, Next Level, Next Steps
Friday 12 July
Terms ends at 12.15pm

Results Days
– Thursday 15 August for A level, AS, BTEC and CTEC qualifications
– Thursday 22 August for GCSE Maths and English Language
– Results for Y12 with CTEC/BTEC Unit Results will be emailed on Thursday 15 August
On these days the college will be open from 9:00am to 12:00pm and staff will be on site to welcome you to collect your results. Please click here for more information.

Thursday 15 August
A Level | AS Level | BTEC | CTEC Results Day 
Thursday 22 August
GCSE Results Day
Thursday 29 August – Friday 30 August
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