S6C Wins Our City Challenge








Salisbury 6th Form College’s (S6C) Year 12 group won the A Level (16-18) category in the Our City Challenge with their excellent, well researched project on transport in Salisbury.
The competition gave students from across Salisbury the opportunity to shape the city’s future.
The inaugural Salisbury Schools Business Challenge encouraged students to take a closer look at the Salisbury and form their own views and analysis on the state of the city and its future development.
S6C’s team, Rachel Day, Gemma Hayden, Skye Whyntie, Matt Fergusson and Wojciech Kozakowski, were complimented many times on their project, innovation, presentation skills and being the smartest group there. Rachel Day, Year 12 student, said: “I have really enjoyed being a part of the “Our City” project, It has really has helped me in regards to presentation and report writing skills. The challenge has also increased my understanding of the infrastructure in Salisbury City (particularly surrounding transport issues)” Matt Fergusson, Year 12 student, said: “Taking part in the “Our City” project has been a great experience. Throughout the development of our project I have learnt a lot about the city we live in and am feeling very positive about the potential Salisbury presents. It is great to have a feeling of direct influence in the thought process of Salisbury’s developments and we will be working hard to develop our ideas further before the Summer!”
Nadine Tunstall, teacher at S6C said: “Our students produced an excellent synopsis of the transport situation in Salisbury, covering all major forms of transport. They carried out interviews with members of the public, performed surveys and researched solutions to come up with innovative ideas of how to improve our city. The 4 students who presented were professional, knowledgeable, smart and informed, and did our college, and our city proud.”
Students were asked to consider economic, employment and transport issues, retail, heritage, the arts and tourism, plus local military and scientific expertise.
Salisbury Chamber of Commerce president Andy Rhind-Tutt said: “Their work will be instrumental in feeding into a master plan to regenerate Salisbury. One day it will be their city and this engagement now as Salisbury starts its journey of rediscovery is so important.”
The challenge is a joint venture between Salisbury and District Chamber of Commerce, the Salisbury Journal and the Salisbury Business Improvement District.
Simon Firth, principal of Salisbury Sixth Form College, said: “The Schools Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for students to engage with their local community and think about the issues facing Salisbury in the coming years and how to make the city an even better place to live, work and flourish.”