Freshers Day Thursday 2nd July 2020

Our Freshers Day this year will be held online only due the current circumstances.

Programme for the day

Start your day at 9:30am by watching the welcome message from our Principal.

You will then have the opportunity to have a live Q&A session with each of your subject teachers run through Google Meet. These sessions will take place at 10am, 10:30am, 11am, 11:30am, 12pm and 12:30pm – not all subjects run at all of these times so please refer to the programme below for the times of your subjects.

How to access the Q&As

You will find the links to the live Q&A sessions in an email sent to you via Find the subjects you have chosen to study in the table below (some of your subjects might be running more than once – these are repeated sessions and you do not need to attend both – you can choose which one to attend providing it does not clash with another subject you’re studying in the same column). At the start time for each session, click on your subject and click “Ask to Join”

Block A
Block B
Block C
Block D
Block E
Block F
Welcome to S6CApplied ScienceEPQBiologyBusiness A LevelArtApplied Law
BiologyHealth & Social Care Triple AwardBusiness BTEC SingleEnglish LiteratureBusiness BTEC TripleChemistry
Computer ScienceHistoryEnglish LanguageMathematicsDigital MediaEconomics
Film StudiesPhysicsMathematicsPsychologyHealth & Social Care Single AwardFurther Maths
GeographySociologyPsychologySport Single AwardReligious StudiesPhotography
SociologySport Double AwardPsychology
Sport Single Award

How to make the most of the day

Prior to the day:

  • Familiarise yourself with the programme, make sure you know what time each of your subject Q&As are taking place.
  • Think about any questions you would like to ask your teachers in the live Google Meet or if you’d rather you can email them to prior to the day to be passed on to your teacher to answer in the Q&A session (in the subject of your email please clearly state which subject your question is about so that it reaches the right teacher).
  • When you join the Google Meet you can have your camera on if you would like, however, please mute your microphone initially and if you would like to ask a question please type it into the chat box and your teacher will come to you in turn.
  • You may have a gap in your programme for the day or some time at the end of the day, we’d encourage everyone to use this to watch the videos about the Aspire to Excellence Programme. The Aspire to Excellence programme is for Gifted, Able and Talented students and is open to all S6C students. The programme involves weekly sessions to introduce Year 12s to excellent study habits, extension material, super curricular engagement, debating and higher level thinking skills, and gain early insights into job markets, higher education pathways and how to prepare for competitive degree, apprenticeship and employment applications. It also involves trips and visits and inspiring speakers. The final part of the programme is 1:1 coaching and support – with relevant staff, and with our external careers specialist if needed – as students choose a future pathway and prepare a strong application.

If you have any questions for your teachers following the day you can email them using the contact details on our website.


For more information about joining S6C and how to prepare for enrolment and induction click here.

Teaching online at S6C

To find out about how teaching and learning has continued with online live lessons throughout the College closure period please read our news article here.

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