Meet Your Teachers & Summer Activities For Year 11 Students

Welcome to S6C. On this page, you will be able to watch a welcome message from College Principal, Simon Firth, as well as introductions from our subject teachers and messages from our current students revealing what it’s been like learning at home during lockdown. Just click on the links to view. There will be more teacher introductions added in the coming weeks.

You can also explore the summer work activities for the subjects you have selected – or even subjects you may have an interest in. We want you to be confident that you are fully prepared for your sixth form studies, but don’t worry, these are recommendations – so just do what you feel you can. It is to give you an insight of what to expect in September.

If you have questions about any of the subjects, please do email our staff  – we are here to help. At S6C, It’s All About You!

Please see the welcome message from the Principal – Mr Simon Firth

Here is a short clip from a few of our students talking about how they have been continuing their learning via online classes: Students in Lockdown

If you’d like to find out more about how we support students through the Aspire to Excellence Programme please watch this series of videos introducing the S6C Aspire to Excellence Programme for Gifted, Able and Talented students – which is open to all S6C students

Humanities Faculty:

Dr Sally Tye – Head of Humanities. Teacher of History & Religious Studies Summer Work

Religious Studies Summer Work
Mrs Rebecca Anderson – Teacher of English Literature Literature Summer Work
Mr Stuart Halford – Teacher of English Language & Language Summer Work

Law Summer Work
Mr Andrew Lomas – Teacher of Sociology Summer Work
Ms Susan Murphy – Teacher of Summer Work
Ms Catherine Pennington – Teacher of Business A Level & Economics Summer Work

Inside Aldi Part 1

Inside Aldi Part 2

Inside Aldi Part 3

Inside Aldi Part 4

Economics Summer Work
Mr Steve Price – Teacher of Business BTEC BTEC Summer Work

Creative Faculty:

Mr Richard Eno – Head of Creative Faculty, Teacher of Digital Media & FIlm Media Summer Work

Film Studies Summer Work
Mr Craig Chambers – Assistant Principal & Teacher of Computer Science Summer Work
Mr Luke Muchmore – Teacher of Health & Social Care & Summer Work
Mrs Diane Newton – Teacher of Health & Social & Social Care Summer Work
Mrs Emma Thompson- Teacher of above for Sport
Ms Laurence Rushby – Teacher of Art & Art Summer Work

Photography Summer Work

STEM Faculty:

Mr Phil Greenwood – Teacher of Maths & Further Summer Work

Maths Sample Questions
Mr Chris Forster – Teacher of Applied Science & Science Summer Work
Ms Nikki Mesnard – Teacher of below for Psychology
Mrs Nicky Miller – Teacher of Applied Science & Summer Work
Mr Chris Papp – Teacher of Chemistry & Summer Work

Physics Summer Work
Ms Kirsty White – Teacher of Summer Work