Mental Health Support

S6C aims to promote and support the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of all stakeholders – students, staff, parents/carers and our communities.

We can all face obstacles to our wellbeing, and building resilience (the ability to bounce back) is incredibly important. Having an open mindset, self care, building a support network, and knowing where to find resources, all help build resilience. 

However, despite our best efforts we may meet challenges that require further support – this can come from self help material, internal support from an educator or employer, an external referral to an age-appropriate mental health service team, the GP, a counselling service, or helplines. 

Some people have underlying long term / short term mental health conditions, and some people are having to handle difficult circumstances, but in either case, positive mental wellbeing can be encouraged and maintained using a range of tried and tested strategies. 

Students, parents/carers, staff, and members of the community may find the following resources useful in supporting their own, or someone else’s mental health. Help is always at hand – and there is always someone who can listen or advise. 

Liz Stavely, S6C Mental Health Lead, has developed this S6C Student Wellbeing and Mental Health site to help our young people negotiate college life and provide guidance and support for anything related to pastoral matters, mental health, physical wellbeing, personal safety and issues affecting studying. Please click on the link to see the resources available: Students @ S6C – Wellbeing and Mental Health

There are so many resources available online – and different ones suit different people and circumstances – if you can’t find something that is helpful for you, then please get in touch and we will be happy to signpost further material and agencies. It’s good to talk! 

5 areas of wellbeing 

Learn about 5 internationally recognised areas of wellbeing and see if you can make a small change in each area.

NHS Support

Learn Happy

Explore a range of further helplines and support signposted by Wiltshire local authority:  this includes help for specific issues such as eating disorders, gender issues, self harm, support for LGBTQ+, parental support, a list of useful apps for your phone etc. Use the menu on the left hand side to find a huge array of resources and information, linked to local support services:

On your mind

Crisis lines

If you are in crisis the following organisations are here for you 24/7.



Young Minds

If you would like to refer yourself, or someone under 18, for mental health support locally:

On Your Mind

If you would like to refer yourself, or someone over 17, for mental health support locally


If you would like to know more about mental health issues in young people or adults: or if your mental health has suffered due to covid: 

Young Minds


The Calm Zone

If you are a young person under 25 wanting support for any issue – mental health, emotional support, difficult circumstances, tough day and need to talk, register for counselling, peer support etc:

The Mix

If you would like to start self help programmes for a range of mental health issues: including sleep problems, low mood, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, phobias, stress, anger, panic and depression.

Get Self Help

Mood Juice (Scottish NHS)

If you are a parent worried about a young person or child:

On Your Mind

Young Minds

Address your stress

Managing stress can make a huge difference to wellbeing: 

MHFA England

The Mix

Domestic violence

If you have been affected by physical/verbal/sexual abuse, in the home, or in the community, then you may well need further support as you move on. Please contact Splitz for more information:


Carers and Young Carers

If you are a carer, or young carer – offering support to someone in your family, above and beyond average expectations, then you need support yourself. You can find out more, and self refer with Carer Support using this link:

Carer Support Wiltshire

Armed Forces

If you have connections with the armed forces then you are free to contact any of the agencies already mentioned, but you may also be able to access additional support using this link:

For issues related to smoking, drugs or alcohol: including a 24/7 anonymous helpline for advice and support, and specific guidance for parents/carers: 

Talk to Frank

Motiv8 Wiltshire

Guides for parents, employers, carers and educators on a huge range of topics including covid, self harm, wellbeing, suicide prevention, emotional wellbeing, home working: 

Charlie Waller

Special needs additional support: free confidential information, advice and support available locally