#ThrowbackThursday – Brain Day 2020

On Thursdays we will be remembering back to some of the events that took place before College closed and learning moved online. Today, we’re remembering back to Friday 13 March 2020, Brain Day at S6C – we had Neuroscientist Dr Stutton in College giving insightful talks to our Psychology Students in both Year 12 and 13. 

Students looked at the effects of addiction on the brain and also factors that play a role in schizophrenia – they learnt that there is research which suggests having a dog, especially one that licks your face, can act as a protective factor against the development of it!

The most notable part of the day was the sheep brain dissection where they were able to handle parts of the brain and look at the similarities in the structure to a human brain. 

Thank you to Psychology teacher, Kirsty White, for arranging this fascinating day for the students.