Weekly College Update

Friday 7th May 2021

We have had a very calm and purposeful week in college in the final phase of the Year 13 assessments. Students have conducted themselves with integrity and with maturity. There has been a studious atmosphere around the college and during revision lessons with their teachers. We have been impressed with the level of focus shown by our students and are proud of how well they have accepted so much disruption; they’ve taken it all in their stride! Now that the first week of the May assessments is over, we look ahead to the final assessment week. We would encourage our students to seek support if they need it (not just for the academics, but also wellbeing); to get enough sleep; to eat well; and to dedicate some time to relax! Sessions of 15-20 minutes of concentrated revision on areas to improve on have been found to be much more effective than hours at a time – the brain cannot possibly work hard for extended periods of time. Students should spend 20 minutes on one area, take a break, and then move onto another area – psychology has shown this to be an incredibly effective tool for revision. More information can be found here.

Over the next week there will be a targeted focus in class time on the quality of student folders in all year 12 lessons. To support student progress, staff will be setting time aside to check and discuss the organisation of classwork notes, self directed study work and ongoing revision of work. Students should have detailed and well informed notes that support all areas of their course either delivered face to face or online. Some students may have a hybrid of written and typed work and may need some support in ensuring the work is organised so that it can be used in this important phase of consolidation to prepare for the summer assessments. Staff will also be doing a further check by getting students to RAG rate their understanding of each topic, and this will allow for more personalised and targeted work in self directed study in the coming months.

Best wishes,

Vice Principal

Pastoral – Rebecca Anderson Pastoral Lead

We are aware that there has been a national rise in mental health issues in young people and are doing all we can to support and encourage those in need. Parents can also support at home by promoting positive mental wellbeing and responding to any issues. Young Minds run a helpline and are an excellent source of information and support. We are also very happy to be contacted and can signpost a range of resources for various issues as we all work together to take care of ourselves and each other.


Here is the excellent NHS guide to promoting mental wellbeing:


Humanities Faculty – Dr Sally Tye, Faculty Lead

In philosophy we have moved to the Christian theology unit where primary school Bible stories are coming in useful. For those that didn’t go to Church primaries, we had a Bible ‘story time’ in the breakout area, with hot chocolate, to develop knowledge. It turns out primary story time at A level leads to some pretty intense philosophical debate; about the meaning behind Noah’s Ark! Did the people who washed away go to hell? Is this the part of the Bible which suggests purgatory exists and have the Anglican Church missed a trick? Why does an all loving God not forgive? Historically is this a metaphor for the thawing of the last ice age?

Enrichment – Baking Club with Dr Sally Tye

This week the baking club made strawberry ripple ice cream in anticipation of some hotter weather! Below is Rebecca and Megan Cowdrey’s Ice Cream. It looks yummy!