Weekly College Update

Friday 10th September 2021

It’s been a really busy beginning to the term, and it has been fantastic to see our young people starting to adopt their new routines and start their year 1 or 2 courses.   

We have managed to complete all our lateral flow testing for years 12 and 13.   A big thanks to all the staff involved in this process particularly Lisa Rodway our Science Technician who has done a great job in keeping the system running efficiently.   A copy of our most recent Covid risk assessment has been updated onto the college website in Statutory information for your information. 

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has produced a toolkit to encourage COVID-19 vaccine uptake for young people.  The toolkit includes new materials from Public Health England (PHE) to help everyone promote the benefits of the vaccine to young people. 

We encourage you to use the links and read and watch the materials.  We want our students to exercise their Individual Liberty in making informed decisions with your support. 

Today you will also have received a Key Dates document for the academic year.  This will include when students assessment windows take place and our Development Days which have focused themes to support their personal development.  Each term we will update the document and share this with you.  

At the beginning of the academic year, I think it is important for you as parents to be well informed with what is happening at S6C.  We produce this weekly update on a Friday every week, but please also take this opportunity to start  following us on our social media platforms. 




Wishing you all a restful weekend, 


Pastoral Care – Rebecca Anderson Pastoral Lead

It is a genuine pleasure to be able to support these wonderful young adults on their academic and personal journey. Student wellbeing (physical, emotional and mental) is so important to us at S6C and we have lots of support available from teachers, tutors, pastoral lead, college counsellors, the MHST (mental health support team) and external agencies. Our pastoral systems are outlined in the S6C Handbook and on the website and students can find information in the Information Classroom (under Wellbeing) and on the back of all the toilet doors in college. Please keep in contact with us and get in touch if we can help in any way.


Thank you to our students who have been so patient with technical issues this week. Now that almost all students are set up online, please can all students be reminded to check notices on the plasma screens and to have notifications on for Chat, Information Classroom and Subject Classrooms. Notifications can be set to reasonable working hours as part of good online practice.

S6C Student Union

We are really looking forward to getting started with our new Student Union team. S6C is a very collaborative college and we are always keen to develop in line with student needs and feedback, working closely with our SU. We asked them to write a brief introduction.

Emily Johnson – I am the President of the Student Union. As a Union we are dedicated to making sure that every member of the S6C Community has a voice which will be valued, respected and heard. The team and I are really looking forward to embarking on this journey and working with fellow students, colleagues and parents!

Lily Jackson –  I’m going to be Vice Student President. I am looking forward to working with all the students and teachers to make the college a comfortable and inclusive environment for them.

Emily Millman – I am the Equality and Diversity Officer. I look forward to supporting everyone in the college from different backgrounds and origins, or anyone that feels like they don’t fit in a “stereotypical“ box. We are here to help and support.

Cara Hellis –  I am the Mental Health Officer. I hope to help raise awareness on this topic and provide a voice for those who may not otherwise be heard, creating a supportive environment for everyone. 

Tom Booth -I am the new Ecological and Sustainability Officer. It is an understatement to say this area is of some importance these days and I’m looking forward to being the persistent person who always brings it up! There are many ideas that I feel can be incorporated and maximised.

Angus Archer – Events Officer, including developing Awareness Days. Our college is an amazing place to help young people develop for their future and I’m excited to help improve that even more. 

Clubs and Societies 

This week students have started to sign up to our Clubs and Societies, which will start on Wednesday next week.  We have a variety of activities available to students, from active sports in Dodgeball, Football, Netball, Yoga, and Badminton to creative opportunities including Music, Film, Gaming, Baking and Volunteering. The range of options is wide. 

This term we will  start our  collaboration with  WyvernStEds  Enrichment Programme to help deepen the breadth of Clubs available over both sites. Students will have the option to participate in some clubs or volunteer during the Wednesday enrichment option at WyvernStEds.  

S6C Cafe Promoting Healthy Eating Choices

S6C is very proud of HC3S ‘Taste It’ Cafe at S6C run by Russ, who has many years of catering experience.  

We are able to bring students a varied and extensive menu of both mid morning snacks, sandwiches as well as hot healthy dinners.  Russ is always open to listening to students preferences of food choices and these can be discussed with him directly or through the Student Union.  
The menus are available here: https://www.salisbury6c.ac.uk/study-with-us/s6c-coffee-lounge/