Weekly College Update

Friday 8th October 2021

Here at college we have had another busy week,  which included a visit from Portsmouth University for our Year 13 students to have the opportunity to understand how to complete an effective UCAS application.  This was very well received by students and more details about the visits are below.  Year 13 students have completed their formal assessments this week and staff are now marking papers to prepare actions and direction to support students’ next steps.  Reports to parents will be sent home after half term and students targets and progress will be reviewed in class together.

This week I have had the opportunity to lead  some of our feeder schools assemblies, presenting to year 11 students at St Josephs, Trafalgar and Wyvern St Eds.  Students are embarking on their career advice for colleges,  and I hope that many siblings and young people in our local community join us next year, and experience the warmth, care, support and challenge that our students receive.  

We have been contacted by the Department of Education to actively encourage parents to support their child in the participation of regular lateral  flow testing.  S6C as a registered site has had a drop off of registered students completing Covid tests.  We know from talking to students that many students are actively testing each week, but are forgetting to register the result.  This will affect the stock that we receive to replenish the test kits needed for distribution, so it is important that we aim to register all results so there is a more accurate representation of testing taking place in our community. A guide to regular rapid COVID 19 testing.pdf

This week parents will have received home a letter from Rebecca Anderson regarding the mental health development day on Monday next week.   Below is some further information regarding the day. 

Have a great weekend. 


Life Skills & Pastoral – Rebecca Anderson, Pastoral Lead

Black History Month: 

S6C celebrates Black History month in October, and every day. Shared education and the willingness to listen and learn about each other’s lives and pasts is key to building a fair, equal, diverse and thriving society. Across the month we will be celebrating and learning more about Britain’s black and other ethnic minority communities – on the plasma screens, in the Information Classroom, by making direct links in each subject, and taking the opportunity to explore material in Life Skills and share our ideas and new found knowledge on jamboards. The Student Union have put up a series of infographic posters. Rebecca is hoping to run a trip to the National Maritime Museum, later in the year, for students interested in thinking further about Britain’s colonial past and its ongoing effects – students are encouraged to get in touch with an expression of interest.

Mental Health Development Day. 

We are really excited to be able to run our first Development Day of the year, to coincide with World Mental Health Day, in person and with a full range of activities, guest speakers, and workshops to promote mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. The timetable and information has been shared with parents and students and we are really looking forward to a fun, positive and practical day including 5 Ways to Wellbeing, Coping with Stress and Pressure, Reflections on Covid (suggested by the Student Union), How To Support a Friend in Need, Practical Tips for Exam Stress, Young Carer Support, Student Health Guide Publication Launch, Wellbeing Walk, Drumming or Knitting for fun, Yoga, Mindfulness Activities and Colouring, Gaming and Wellbeing, Apps/Video Games/Books for Positive Mental Health, Guided Stress Bucket Activity, and Getting Good Sleep. As ever, we will be encouraging students to look after themselves and each other.  A full list of the programme has been sent out to parents. 

Career Curriculum – Rosie Roberts, School Liaison 

Personal Statement presentation from local University

On Wednesday 6 October, Ruth Walton from the University of Portsmouth presented to Year 13s on Writing their Personal Statement. Ruth gave practical advice on what to include, how to structure it, tips on a powerful opening statement and where to get advice on your first draft. 

Ruth also provided helpful resources including a worksheet to help students structure their Personal Statement, and she invited students to submit a draft of their Personal Statement for checking and advice from university representatives through the Portsmouth Personal Statement hub here.

The slides from the presentation and the worksheet will be shared with students in the Google Careers Classroom (if students have not joined this Classroom yet they can follow the link in the Information Classroom to join).

Subject News 

Psychology – Kirsty White, Faculty Lead for STEM and Teacher of Psychology

Students were invited to join an online conference of Psychology talks organised and run by Oxford High School. A range of talks were provided, such as a talk on the teenage brain by Professor Sarah Jayne Blakemore and talks on forensic psychology and the impact of covid-19 on mental health. I would like to thank Oxford High School’s sixth formers for arranging such an incredible day! Here are some students reflections:

“The psychology talk by Professor Goddwin on the psychological effects of covid-19 was interesting and allowed me to learn something new in psychology to further broaden my knowledge. A lot of which Professor Goddwin talked about applied to current everyday life and therefore made it relatable.” – Bethany Cookson, Year 13

“The psychology conference I watched with Ms Keelie Persham on forensic psychology was very informative. It was interesting to hear about what forensic psychology is and what it is like when first starting to work in that field.” – Alanah Evans, Year 12

Clubs and Societies 

STEM club

Videos of STEM students firing a rocket out of a cannon, powered by gun cotton (gun cotton is made by nitrating pure cotton wool). The students then made their own cannons and packed in the gun cotton. We tried to do some target practice on the board but the students have yet to devise a method of identifying where the rocket has hit….maybe next week we’ll have cracked it and there will be some sharp shooting in STEM!

SPITFIRES MAKE THE PERFECT START – Nathan David, Teacher of Esports

On Wednesday afternoon the Esports society, Salisbury Spitfires, kicked off their British Esports Association Championship season in Rocket League and Valorant. The Rocket League (a sport/racing game) team overcame Bournemouth and Poole College in a brilliant showing coming out 3-0 victors, seeing themselves at the top of the table at this early stage of the season. The Valorant (a first-person shooter) team produced a dominant performance over Reading College, ending the game 13-2 in the Spitfires favour. The teams move on with morale high for their fixtures next week. Come to TF02 from 3pm every Wednesday to support – everyone is welcome!