Weekly College Update

Friday 3rd December 2021

There has been an air of anticipation, excitement and nerves around the college this week with Year 13 Mock Exams taking place.   I have been very impressed with the maturity and organisation in which students have approached these mock exams.  Staff will now be marking and preparing feedback lessons for the students.  Rather than releasing all results together, we are releasing individual paper results once staff have had the time to complete their marking and have analysed the trends and be able to provide guided advice on areas that students need to personally focus on in the new year.  Student reports will be sent home on Thursday 13th January, the same day as Year 13 Parents Evening taking place online 4 – 7pm. Please save the date and further details will be sent out to parents in the week of Monday 3rd January.

As you are aware the government guidance has changed regarding the wearing of face masks in college,  this has been well received by the students despite the majority of them being vaccinated.  I would like to thank students and parents for their support in implementing these guidelines successfully. Although our Covid rates still remain low, we do need staff and students to be LF testing  twice a week to ensure we are keeping these rates as low as possible as we enter towards the last weeks of term. Any students having to self isolate will be fully supported with their learning and will be able to access their lesson online. 

A minority of students are arriving at college without their lanyards and are having to sign in daily. This prevents them from being able to access the upper floors to their lessons, and makes it difficult for staff to identify students that are part of the S6C community, particularly now that we are wearing masks again. If your young person has lost their lanyard and student ID  then these will have to be  replaced. Students can action this at reception at a cost of £10.  Parents can contact the office by phoning 01722597970.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Best Wishes


Christmas Jumper for Joy

Rebecca Anderson – Pastoral Lead

This year the Magna Learning Partnership have signed all academies within the trust up to the help support Save the Children and are taking part in a Christmas Jumper day on Friday 10th December to raise money for this great cause.  Please do encourage your young person to wear a Christmas jumper on the day and bring in £1 to donate. 

Learning about the cell membrane in Biology

Nicola Miller – Teacher of Biology, SEND Lead and DSL

This week in biology with Nicky we have been looking at the cell membrane, as a more practical lesson we used play-doh, pipe cleaners, pom-poms and a range of items to create a stop go animation in groups of how molecules are transported through the cell membrane in different ways. We moulded and labelled our diagrams and captured pictures to create the full video of the different types of transport including diffusion and osmosis.   This was really engaging and gave us a clear representation of the different types of transportation. Overall this gave the class a greater understanding through a really fun method. Reported by Chloe and Immy.

Art Exhibition 

Laurance Rushby – Teacher of Art

On Thursday the 25th November, the Art class curated an art exhibition showcasing some of the work that we have been working on recently and general pieces that we are proud of as a class from yr 12 and yr 13.  These pieces ranged from wire structures inspired by human form to mixed media pieces and a wonderful mannequin displaying Scarlett’s hand made paper dress and Ash’s amazing paper wig. We showcased Ibrahim, Kai, Robin and Fynn’s  fabulous painting with Christmas crackers! Also presented was a range of small sculptures and larger paintings done by the yr 13’s. Overall we curated our exhibition to present our work in a way that shows our audience how proud we are of the work we have done so far.

Creative Media Update Dec 2021

Rich Eno – Faculty Lead for Creative

This past week the Creative Media team have been working on various projects so have been really busy. The Year 13 group are working with clients in Salisbury city centre so their project briefs are 100% professional allowing them a real world experience. Here’s Lucy and Penny producing a social media campaign for a local business, they are also producing a promotional film as well as a 360 virtual tour of the premises.

The Year 12 class are in production with their Sparks music video project. Here are a few shots of Ewan and Ed during their shoot earlier this week.

Year 13 Film Studies have been doing mocks this week but they are also half way through their Contemporary US/UK Film unit where they are studying the role technology has played in film production and consumption as well as debating how relevant The Auteur Theory is in modern films. 

Year 12 have been studying the Silent Era of cinema and have just started to explore the Golden Era of Hollywood so they have been researching the classic stars of cinema such as Humhprey Bogard and Ingrid Bergman. Head of Faculty Richard Eno said, “The Golden Era Of Hollywood is my favourite era of cinema so this is such a fun unit to teach. I just wish I was as cool as Humphrey Bogard!” 

The S6C Instagram and Twitter have photos and video of last week’s TeachMeet so if you missed it you can find out more there. The social media for the evening was produced by two Creative Media students, Lucy Ferguson and Finley Reid. 

Esports – Salisbury Spitfires

Nathan David – Teacher of Esports

If you haven’t taken a look at the Esport student’s Spitfires Team Instagram or Twitch accounts yet, please do start to follow.  https://www.instagram.com/salisbury_spitfires/


This week you can see the progress the students have been making in their fixtures as part of the British Esports Association. 

S6C Future Students

Kathryn Clarkson – Business Manager

S6C Family Tours  are now available to book if families were unable to attend the Open Evening to see the college working during a college day. https://www.salisbury6c.ac.uk/study-with-us/open-evenings/
For those students who have already applied for September 2022, the first interview evening is taking place on the 9th December where staff will be meeting with potential students.