Weekly College Update

Friday 18th March 2022

Dear Parents/ Carers

There has been a real  buzz around the college this week with a number of exciting activities and visitors supporting a really enriching experience for our young people.  

I would like to thank Kirsty White, Faculty Lead for STEM and all of the STEM team for arranging and hosting a whole package of events for Science week this week.  Kirsty, with the support of Lisa Rodway, our science technician has helped to provide thought provoking and enjoyable experiences for year 12 and 13 students.   

Secondly, a huge thank you must be extended to the Wyvern St Edmunds staff who brought over 150 year 9 students from the school to college on Wednesday, and to S6C staff and students for providing such a welcoming and warm environment for their visit.  Our student ambassadors from year 12 and 13 were exceptional, they showed strong leadership skills again in how they presented and managed the groups.   

We  had our National Citizen Service representative in college this week, for a talk with our year 12 students during their tutor time. We hope that our students will consider the fantastic opportunities they offer.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Best Wishes


Head of College

Year 9 Visit from WSE

Louise Henderson – Head of College

We were delighted to host half of the year 9 cohort of WSE at college this week. The students were able to sit in on lessons and get a feel for what learning was taking place and how lessons are structured in a college environment. There was the opportunity to speak to S6C students about what the college experience is and have a tour of the facilities.  The year 9 students had the opportunity to ask questions about college life with year 12 and 13 students in an open discussion session, many of these were around how students at college utilise their time and study effectively.   Students had the chance to try some cooked food and snacks from our Taste It Cafe here at college.  We look forward to hosting the rest of the WSE year 9 on 4th May. 

Young Carers

Rebecca Anderson, Pastoral Lead

Wednesday was National Young Carer Support Day:

We made students aware that if they are Young Carers then support is out there from Carer Support Wiltshire – who offer support at the carer’s own pace, and the carer can choose how much they wish to connect with the support; where to meet etc.  S6C have a close working relationship with Young Carers and students can ask Rebecca Anderson, Pastoral Lead for more information and a contact form. 

By definition, a young adult carer is someone aged 16 – 25 who  looks after a family member or close relative who has a physical or  mental health condition, or misuses drugs or alcohol.

They may also help look after siblings or elderly relatives too. 

They take on extra  responsibilities, like dressing the person they look after, cooking,  cleaning, shopping, collecting prescriptions or offering emotional or health support.

It’s a lot to take on as a  young person and we want you to know that we see you and want to make sure you are supported too, so you can support those you are close to.

Please see this useful video:  https://youtu.be/60Al58MxQb0

More information can be found at:  https://carersupportwiltshire.co.uk/ 

Life Skills

Rebecca Anderson, Pastoral Lead

This week Year 13 did a session with tutors on living more independently, including information on uni accommodation, moving away for an apprenticeship or employment, or contributing more at home. Tutors responded to their group’s questions – with common themes being TV licences for BBC iplayer in student halls, contents insurance, and whether those staying at home should be paying parents rent!

National Citizens Service

Rosie Roberts – School Liaison and Careers

On Wednesday we had Louis Dougherty from NCS to talk to our Year 12 students about an amazing opportunity with NCS this summer. Students heard about the life skills and employability skills that students can gain through this 2 week experience in the summer holidays and all students received a booking form to take part if they wish.

Our Art-zin’ Project- creating a magazine

Laurance Rushby – Teacher of Art

Our Identity Project- A Punk State Of Mind

Earlier in the year, our Art and Photography students undertook a project looking into identity. One specific topic we focused on were Punks. Students researched  the history of punk culture and state of mind; how this scene came about, their style and the music. They researched how the era emerged in 1976, coalescing from the Sex pistols. 

Image by Amber Archer

The Sex Pistols created the punk movement when they released their song ‘God Save The Queen’ which began to represent the UK as they created a break with the past. A lot of their style was designed or influenced by McLaren and Vivienne Westwood as they had an aesthetic of rips, fractures and tensions which captured the free and rebellious mood of the 1970s, showing a link to our theme of social change. 

The students planned a photoshoot, incorporating their style to mirror the  hand gestures and style and fashion. They then edited these photos to represent the way we view the punk era.  Students developed a great appreciation of culture and history. 

Images by Kai Warrington

You can now follow S6C Art on Instagram at @s6cart

Science Week 

Kirsty White – Head of STEM Faculty & Teacher of Psychology

This week was British Science Week and we have been celebrating here at S6C with a number of events.

Tuesday 15th March: ‘Meet the animals’ 

An opportunity for students and staff to handle and hear about different creatures, including a snake, a bearded dragon and a tortoise. They also brought along their therapy dog, Quest!

Our thanks to Lisa Rodway, our science technician, who once again organised a very successful event for our students. 

Wednesday 16th March : Meet a Psychologist

Psychology students had the opportunity to hear from a range of psychologists working in various fields. We were lucky enough to be joined by researchers looking into animal studies of :

  • memory, 
  • schizophrenia, 
  • online gambling 
  • brain injuries 

Students really enjoyed the opportunity to speak to these specialists and said “it was really informative and really showed how diverse psychology can be”, as well as helping some of them with ideas for future university courses and careers.

Thursday 17th March: The Nature – Nurture Debate

Psychology students had a talk delivered by Bristol University on the nature-nurture debate, an integral concept in psychology. They heard about current research into developmental psychology with babies and how genes and the environment can contribute to a child’s development. This overlaps with the topics currently being taught in Year 12 (psychopathology and attachment). We hope this visiting speaker has helped bring the learning from the classroom alive, using real life scenarios. 

Friday 18th March: the return of Brain Day! 

A whole day seminar delivered by the fabulous Dr Guy Sutton.  Next week, staff and students will share their experiences – as the event is currently taking place today.