Weekly College Update

Friday 25th March 2022

Important Message from Sarah Busby, CEO for Magna Learning Partnership

Warm congratulations to Louise Henderson who this week was appointed Headteacher of Wyvern St Edmund’s Academy. She will take up her post in September. You will be aware that collaboration between the college and the school has been strengthened this year through a strong working partnership forged by Mr Bruce Burley, the Interim Head of School and Louise Henderson; this partnership working will continue and develop next year as part of both academies’ journey to excellence and Louise will continue her involvement with S6C. I want to take this opportunity of thanking Louise for all she has done for the college over her time as a founding senior leader and most recently, Head of College.

We will be advertising shortly for a new Head of College for S6C and will keep you informed with progress.

Sarah Busby


I am incredibly proud of the exceptional college we have created, with the most dedicated staff and wonderful students and supportive parents. My focus as Head of College will continue to be unwavering, with my commitment fully on supporting every young person to thrive and grow with us. The culture of love, care and aspiration is deeply rooted here at S6C, and I will continue to support the college’s development in the years to come. 

So how has this week looked at college?

On Monday the parent, student and staff Surveys from the Magna Learning Partnership were distributed.  This is part of the annual MLP Stakeholder Surveys.  Last November we had  really positive responses from all stakeholders and we hope this will continue again this year as we strive to support all our young people in their academic and personal development. The closing date for responses is Friday 8th April 2022. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the college. 

As you are aware we work in close collaboration with WyvernStEds, and I wanted to make you aware that they are currently looking for a Parent Governor to join their governing body. If you or someone you know is a parent of a WSE student and would like to be involved please see the link on our website;  https://www.salisbury6c.ac.uk/about-s6c/vacancies/ .  You can also see other MLP vacancies currently available. 

Emma Thompson, one of our Teachers of Sports Studies has returned to college this week as her maternity leave came to an end.   It was fantastic to have Emma back with us and slotting back into college life so well.  Netball club students were particularly pleased to have her back taking netball on Wednesday afternoon. 

I wanted to say a very public congratulations to one year 12 art student, Scarlett Allen, who on Wednesday this week, took part in the final of the ARTiculation at the National Gallery in London and won second place!  She did amazingly well and was one of 11 students from all around the country picked for the final. Everyone here at S6C is very proud of her achievement and we are delighted for her. Scarlett has written a little extract about her experience later in this update.

On Thursday we had a termly fire drill practise, students evacuated the building very quickly and maturely onto the forecourt and found their muster points with their tutors.  I just gave students a reminder that if they are not in lessons and are situated outside on the college grounds they still need to make their way onto the forecourt and meet with their tutor as if they were in a lesson, to ensure their safety.  

Year 13 parents should now have received reports from the last set of mock examinations. Subject teachers have been busy organising parents evenings appointments for all students next week from Monday to Wednesday.  If your young person has not mentioned this to you, please do contact the class teacher and we will accommodate appointments being made at the start of next week. 

I hope this sunny weather continues and that  you have a lovely weekend. Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday. 

Best Wishes


Head of College


Sarah Busby, CEO of Magna Learning Partnership

Wiltshire Youth Council has written to all Wiltshire schools and colleges to propose that Friday 1st April will be a day in which students can attend wearing blue and yellow for a minimum donation of £1. MLP Academy Leaders decided yesterday that we want to contribute to this and we aim to raise a minimum of £4000 across the Trust. MLP have members of the Wiltshire Youth Council at Sarum Academy and are delighted to support their initiative.

The money will be donated to The Ukraine Disaster Emergency Committee Crisis Appeal who are providing urgent humanitarian aid including food, water, shelter, healthcare and protection. 

This campaign will be marked as Youth4Ukraine. Please publicise this widely and set up payment systems in your academy to ensure that everyone, staff and students, contribute £1 (or more) to this cause. We know that the money we raise will make a significant difference to people in Ukraine.


ARTiculation – Outstanding Achievement in the National Finals

Scarlett Allen, Year 12 Art Student

On Wednesday the 22nd March, I went to London for the grand finals of ARTiculation. Although having practised over and over, nothing could have prepared me for my presentation in-front of roughly 300 people at the National Gallery. The experience (although scary) was incredible! I met some lovely people and had a really amazing time listening to everyone’s presentations. Winning second place was just the cherry on the top of what had become one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

Although people were not allowed to take photos inside the event, here are a couple of photos Scarlett took as a memento of her visit. 

History Visit 

Dr Sally Tye – Faculty Lead for Humanities

This week at S6C we were delighted to welcome Prof. Johnathan Phillips,  Professor of Crusading History at Royal Holloway,  for a bespoke lecture and Q& A on Saladin and the Third Crusade.

Year 12 and 13 history students were joined by year 11 historians from WSE. Students were able to get an introduction to A level topics and university style lectures as well as ask questions directly related to exam and coursework questions. Professor Phillips is a leading historian in the field and author of several major works which was an incredible opportunity for these students.

Art and Photography Trip to Southampton 

Sophie Bellars – Teacher of Art & H&S Care

Art and Photography students were lucky enough to have lovely weather for their trip to Southampton on Tuesday with Rich Eno, Faculty Lead for Creative and Hanna Njimgye Tekumafor, PA to Head of College.  They visited the John Hansard Gallery, where they were able to observe some wonderful exhibits in the Human Conditions of Clay exhibition, as well as taking part in some weaving with a visiting artist. 

Students then headed over to Watts Park to take some photos and sketches of how nature makes them feel. The sun shone and the magnolia trees looked magnificent! For the last part of the trip Students had the opportunity to visit Southampton National Gallery and were able to see some wonderful paintings from artist Julian Perry, on Climate Damage and Rising Sea Levels. It was a great opportunity to develop everyone’s cultural capital. 

Brain Day

Kirsty White, Faculty Lead for STEM

Last Friday, we welcomed back Dr Guy Sutton for his fabulous ‘Brain Day’ seminar! Covid has prevented us from being able to run this event so it was amazing to have him back in the college and the students were fantastic. Dr Sutton focused on a range of topics, including addiction and drugs, schizophrenia, criminal psychology and neurons. He introduced us to new developments in psychology, including the not-too-distant future of neural implants that can boost a person’s memory and problem-solving, and the ability to quite literally read minds!

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the sheep brain dissection – students saw a live dissection and were able to hold parts of the brain to see the different structures. Our students were incredible, asking some brilliant insightful questions and showing their genuine interest in the brain.

Yoga Club – supporting wellbeing

Hanna Njimgye Tekumafor

Yoga Club is one of our many clubs that  runs each Wednesday afternoon, as part of our Clubs and Societies programme here at S6C.  This week yoga students explored Muladhara, ( Root Chakra). Chakras are energy points within the body and the Muladhara is situated at the base of the spine and relates to feeling grounded, safe and secure. This is particularly important to connect with if students feel life is getting too busy, hectic and out of control.  We kept our flow of postures low and mat based, and worked through a range of movements to open up the Muladhara such as supported bridge pose.  Students enjoyed a relaxing Savasana (yoga sleep) at the end of the class, wrapped in blankets and lavender eye pillows, allowing them to feel safe, secure, grounded and connected to who they are.

Development Days

Rebecca Anderson, Pastoral Lead

We have two upcoming compulsory Development Days: off-timetable days designated for promoting physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, and equipping students with the skills and resources they need to thrive.  They are compulsory for all students and it is very important that every student attends. 

Tuesday 26th April is our Healthy Relationship and Sexual Health Development Day – this will be an inclusive, informative, positive, and supportive day of talks, workshops, and resource sharing, with visiting speakers from the local sexual health clinic and from the community policing team. All students will need to attend, and will be given a programme before the Easter break. 

This year, Year 13s will also be given an opportunity for some study support in their subjects on the day, in and around the main timetable, as we are keen to support them in closing any covid-related gaps. We are also giving advance notice of Destinations Day, on Wednesday 6th July – this is compulsory, for Year 12 only, and is our main S6C careers event – with talks, workshops, and a huge number of invited guests sharing practical experience and industry linked information across a wide variety of fields. The day is equally focused on pathways to university, apprenticeships and employment, and is an amazing opportunity to research a range of options and interests. We do not need students to know what they want to do at this stage, but we do need them to know how to research their options, how to identify and develop the skills they need, and how to use multiple brilliant resources to find a path that is just right for each individual.