Weekly College Update

Friday 1st April 2022

You will have seen at the beginning of the week a reminder for the UCAS Fair for Year 12 students which is taking place on Thursday 7th April at Winchester University. All Year 12 students are expected to attend this trip as it provides an important enriching experience of visiting a university campus, as well as finding out about possible degree courses, career pathways or apprenticeship routes. If you have any queries please contact the office at office@s6c.mlp.college.   Students will be expected to wear their lanyards  as there are other colleges and 6th forms present at this event.  In the summer term, tutors will  increase their focus of Life skills sessions on career pathways and progression planning for university, Apprenticeships or employment after year 13. 

It is also really important that students ensure they wear their lanyards at all times when they are in the college  building.  Our lanyards are a way for students and staff to identify themselves as part of the college community.  By wearing the lanyard students are safeguarding themselves as well as others within the college environment.  Last week we had a small group of students who are not part of our community come onto site to wait for friends. This was addressed quickly, but we want to avoid this to ensure we maintain a really safe and trusting environment. 

If your young person has  lost their lanyard then they need to speak to our reception staff and request  a replacement. The cost is £10.  Without it, it makes it very prohibitive for them to access the different floors of the building that operate on a key card safety system and prevents them from printing. Thank you for your support with this.

With one week to go until the Easter holidays, I just wanted to remind everyone that the college building will be closed over the two week Easter period.  Year 12 and 13 students need to continue with their independent study and exam revision, and see the Easter break as Reading Weeks where they are still progressing with their learning. A few teachers are able to run  online revision sessions for specific subjects for Year 13, and this has been arranged with the students, using our college Google Meet platform.  All students and parents will receive a revision guide next week, to support the final preparations of revision and advice on maintaining wellbeing during what is going to become a more pressured time period leading up to and through the summer exams. We want to provide advice to parents so that we collectively support our young people,  so that they can excel. 

On Tuesday this week our co- Chair of Governors, Sharon McKinley visited the college to join the Senior Leadership Team for our weekly meeting. We discussed how we are supporting student progress and developing the curriculum experiences for our young people.  Sharon met with some staff and will be back in again next term to drop in to lessons.  We were also pleased to welcome our Personal Development Governor John Hawkins for a visit this morning to meet with our SENDCo and Safeguarding Team. 

Thank you to all those who have already completed the MLP Parental Survey sent through last week.  If you haven’t yet, the closing date is Friday 8th April. 

Best wishes, 


Head of College

Cross-curricular Working

Mary Gannon – Teacher of Biology and Applied Science

The health and social care students study a wide and diverse course which includes learning about and understanding how the human body works. This week they had the opportunity to delve deeply into how the eye is structured and functions by joining up with me in the biology lab to study some real eyes. The pigs’ eyes were chosen because they closely match the size of human ones! It was a fantastic chance to share expertise between departments and the students loved applying their theoretical knowledge to the real life organ. Some amazing skills with a scalpel were demonstrated along with a wonder for the skills that surgeons conducting eye surgery possess when working on such a complex and delicate organ.  Plans are already afoot for the next practical together………….

BTEC Business: #BemoreHarry

Steve Price, Deputy Faculty Lead for Humanities and Teacher of Business 

If you met Harry, he is the most unassuming, humble and kind S6C student. In fact I am sure he will be very embarrassed by us telling his story, but it needs to be told, he is an example of the importance of ‘effort based ability’ , the impact of great teaching, support and care. 

Harry applied to join S6C in September 2020, he is the first to say that he found school a struggle, his GCSE outcomes did not reflect his potential despite lots of  hard work. For Harry it was about finding his niche, at S6C studying BTEC Business he found his passion.

Harry is dedicated, never misses a deadline, stays after class to go over his learning, completes extra lessons and always seeks feedback. Realising success is not instant,  unit by unit his confidence has grown, Harry’s work ethic never wavering. COVID came and then went, came back again and still hasn’t gone, Harry just keeps focused, is resilient and determined, his attendance over the last two years is over 98%. 

Harry interviewed for a role with the NHS, he sailed through the interview and start’s employment this summer. He also has two offers to study Business Management at University West of England, Bristol and Bournemouth University for September 2023.

This week Harry achieved a Distinction in his  Business Decision Making Unit, placing him in the top 8% nationally of all students taking the external examination. He has also achieved more than the grades required to take his university place. Harry is a typical S6C student,  he is too humble to shout about his achievement, so S6C will, he is an outstanding student, who we are very proud of. 


Luke Muchmore – Teacher of Sport

After a two week delay due to COVID, a group of Sports Diploma students finally made their way down to Poole to experience the state of the art football training and analysis facilities. This links really well with their studies in Performance Analysis and Fitness Testing. Students were able to take part in multiple activities such as testing reaction time, speed, agility and comparing them to each other.  Alongside this, everyone enjoyed testing football-specific skills such as passing, shooting, quick feet, dribbling and scanning.

The pick of the test results were:

  • Seb Osmond showing off his speed and acceleration with a 2.2second 20m sprint
  • Harvey Wilman with a 2.5 second hill sprint
  • George Donohue breaking a 100 point score with his quick feet and passing

Overall a great trip and the students look forward to heading back next year!

Why not check out some of the videos from our day on Instagram  @sport_s6c

Baking & Plant Sale Fundraiser

Student Sophie Marshall and a team of year 12 students last Friday held a cake and plant sale in the foyer to raise money for the Disasters Emergency Committee, who are coordinating support in the Ukraine, as well as providing ongoing relief in Afghanistan, and ready to act where needed..  They raised a whopping £125.00 in sales of cash and online donations.  Well done everyone!

Clubs and Societies

Baking club – Dr Sally Tye, Baking Club Lead

Online baking clubs were getting into the Easter mood this week by making some delicious cream egg brownies.  Suffice to say the ones left in the staff room did not last long!