Weekly College Update

Friday 10th June

I hope you all had a wonderful half term break and enjoyed some of the various Jubilee celebrations that took place.   

It is nice to see students back in college after the break,  looking refreshed and well prepped for their exams.  This week has been a busy week with exams and I continue to be impressed with the level of respect that students are showing for each other, during what is often a time of increased anxiety.  Students are moving around the building in a quiet manner being mindful of students taking these exams in the theatre and dance studio. 

You will hopefully have seen the year 12 mock exams timetable has been shared with parents and students this week.  For those who did not receive the letter, please contact Hanna in the Head of College’s office on hjimgye@s6c.mlp.college for a copy.  The timetable is listed below for ease.   

If students have any questions regarding either year 12 or 13 exams,  please do not hesitate to contact the reception. 

I hope you have a good weekend 

Craig Chambers

Assistant Head of College

Year 13 Examinations

The Year 13 exams next week are; 

BIOLOGY NAT.ENV.& SPECIES SURV.Thu 09 Jun 202201:30 PM120 Mins
ENGLISH LANGUAGE PAPER 2Fri 10 Jun 202209:00 AM105 Mins
HISTORY A: BRITAIN 1930-1997 Fri 10 Jun 202209:00 AM90 Mins
PHYSICS ADV PAPER 2Fri 10 Jun 202201:30 PM120 Mins

Please continue to assist your young person in getting into college on time, calm and ready for their exam.  Please ensure they have a bottle of water with no label, a clear pencil case and wear something that is comfortable. Students will be supported by staff beforehand to prepare for their Energiser session. If students are ill or late please ensure parents phone reception as soon as possible. 

Year 12 Examinations

The year 12 exams will start on Monday 20th June. The full timetable is below 

TimeExamLength of paper
Monday 20th June09:00Psychology Paper 12 hours
09:00Mathematics Paper 1 1 hr 30 mins
11:30Photography5 hours
13:00Biology Paper 11 hr 30 mins
13:00Physics Paper 1 1 hr 30 mins
Tuesday 21st June09:00English Literature2 hr 30 mins
09:00English Language2 hr 30 mins
09:00Environmental Science2 hrs
13:00Geography Paper 11 hr 30 mins
13:00Chemistry Paper 1 1 hr 30 mins
13:00RS Paper 1 2 hrs
Wednesday 22nd June09:00Sociology Paper 1 2 hrs
09:00Further Mathematics Paper 1 1 hr 15 mins
13:00Business Paper 1 2 hrs
13:00History Paper 1 1 hr 30 mins
Thursday 23rd June09:00Psychology Paper 2 1 hr
09:00Mathematics Paper 21 hr 30 mins
13:00Biology Paper 21 hr 30 mins
13:00Physics  Paper 21 hr 30 mins
Friday 24th June09:00Sociology Paper 21 hr
09:00Further Mathematics Paper 21hr 15 mins
13:00Geography Paper 2 1hr 45 mins
13:00Chemistry Paper 21 hr 30 mins
13:00RS Paper 22 hrs
Monday 27th June09:00Film Studies2 hrs
09:00Fine Art5 hours
13:00History Paper 21 hr

Please be aware that there are planned train strikes during this week on the 21st and 23rd June and additional plans may need to be made to get students to college for an 08:30 start.

Student News

Jo Mason – Teacher of Health & Social Care

Abrylee D and her younger sister were formally invited to St Paul’s Cathedral London for the Jubilee thanksgiving service as representatives of their home country Belize.

She shared with us some wonderful photos of the day


Cathrine Pennington – Teacher of Business 

We are saying goodbye to our lovely Italian students who have been joining our Sociology, Business and English Language classes since September. 

We ordered pizza for lunch on Thursday and discussed the merits and drawbacks of franchises, online retailing and express delivery. 

We will miss them and wish them a safe journey home.

Clubs and Societies

Yoga Club – Hanna Njimgye Tekumafor

Since May, the yoga club has been using the S6C gym for their classes, whilst the studio is being used for exams. It was a bit of a squeeze, but we managed it well. 

This week students  worked on giving themselves the time needed to relax the mind, as well as the body.  This helped them to get into a relaxed and meditative state in order to progress their yoga practice on a deeper level. 

We concentrated on postures that help relieve anxiety and stress such as Viparita Karani (legs up the wall posture). This posture is used to help calm the mind, relieve backaches and alleviate tired legs. It was lovely to see one student come out of their Maths exam and straight into the yoga class, at the end she said ‘I really needed that’.