Weekly College Update

Friday 02 December 

Nearly all of our students have now completed their mock exams. Well done to everyone for working so hard and behaving so responsibly and thank you to S6C staff for the tremendous team effort to organise what is a very tough week of exams. We still have Art and Business A Level mocks next week so for those of you who haven’t finished I have included the following useful advice on how to prepare for exams. If exam stress is affecting the wellbeing of our students, please remember that support is available from the team in college.



This link is also excellent and focused on tips for coping with stress: https://www.themix.org.uk/work-and-study/study-and-exam-tips/exam-stress-1241.html

On Thursday 08 December we will be raising money for Save the Children by wearing our Christmas Jumpers. For those who don’t have a Christmas jumper, anything festive can be worn so don’t forget to dig out that tinsel and those flashing lights!

We still have a few places left on our tour day on Monday 12 December. If you know someone who is currently considering their post 16 options we would love to show them what we can offer. Go to https://www.salisbury6c.ac.uk/study-with-us/open-evenings/ to book a place.




Rebecca Anderson – Teacher of English

Our EPQ students are making excellent progress with their research into a wide variety of topics – the potential impact of misogyny on the value of art, the effects of intergenerational trauma, strategies to improve performance in sport, the psychological effects of a cancer diagnosis and trends in weddings since 1900 and the way this links to societal change, to name just a few. Artefact projects will produce an original game design, a video essay on film making and an educational presentation on overcoming stereotypes of autism. One student is researching the environmental factors that affect our mental health and would appreciate as many responses as possible for this entirely anonymous survey. Students are encouraged to collect their own data, as well as researching and evaluating a wide range of academic sources, so please do take a few minutes to complete this. Thank you. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd0mCLaufQ-XEDJehQC3SXB6LL4a9DyjRpvQFBTAUDAooQ5ow/viewform?usp=sf_link

Aspire to Excellence

Rebecca Anderson – Pastoral Lead

The S6C Aspire to Excellence programme has been launched and is open to all. Parents and carers are encouraged to read the email sent out this week with details of opportunities (free or under £10) to boost applications to university, employment and apprenticeships. Students do not need to be doing everything we suggest, but everyone should be doing something. We are here to help with guidance and support so do encourage your young person to keep their tutor updated.

Life Skills

Rebecca Anderson – Pastoral Lead

Students in Year 13 are continuing on the Looking Ahead pathway, following their session on Cooking on a Budget – considering the impact of extremism and how it can be prevented, by discussing free speech and hate speech. They looked at materials from Let’s Talk About It, an organisation promoting unity to prevent terrorism, who can be contacted if anyone is concerned about radicalisation. https://www.ltai.info/

University Applications

Rebecca Anderson – Pastoral Lead

If Year 13s are wanting to apply to university by the January 25th deadline then they really do need to get their applications ready asap so we have time to process them, which typically takes up to two working weeks. They should keep their tutors well informed about their intentions and progress. As ever, we are all here to help.


Rebecca Anderson – Pastoral Lead

Year 12 have had a talk from Motiv8 about managing risks associated with Drugs and Alcohol. Motiv8 offer non judgemental advice, with the line that there is no way of taking substances without any risk, but that students need to be well informed about how to minimise that risk if they do choose to take substances. Students in both year groups have access to the slides and contact details for getting support. Motiv8 can also be contacted by parents or carers for advice or referrals and have an excellent website offering support across a wide range of needs. https://www.thewrapdhi.org.uk/


Rebecca Anderson – Pastoral Lead

A reminder that we can arrange additional careers appointments with our external careers advisor as well as with a range of staff. Any student needing to do an interview for apprenticeship, employment or university can come and see Rebecca to arrange some guidance and practice. And any student needing advice on volunteering, work experience, or wider engagement, to prepare for strong applications, should talk to their teachers, tutor or Rebecca as soon as they know what area they may be interested in. The most important thing remains making excellent progress in subjects.

Student Enrichment

Knitting and Crochet Club – Christmas Project

Nicola Miller – Assistant Head of College

Every Wednesday at S6C the knitting and crochet club meet to work on their projects. We regularly have 15-20 students attending the group, with a range of skills from complete beginners to very competent knitters and crocheters. Knitting is a great way to socialise and relax and it is also a really useful skill!    

This term we have been working on making mini Christmas stockings and other Christmas decorations, with the aim of making 60 stockings with treats inside for residents of the Wessex Care homes on Tollgate Road. If any of our families who knit or crochet at home would like to participate in this project please send in your Christmas stockings by Friday 09 December.

To find a free pattern please try websites such as loveknitting.com