Weekly College Update

Friday 28 April 2023

On Friday last week our History students were privy to the amazing opportunity to debate the motion ‘Heath’s government of 1970 to 1974 must be judged unsuccessful’ with Lord Hunt, Peter Batey, Neil Carmichael, Anthony Teasdale and Michael McManus, all of whom worked with Edward Heath. Our visitors were able to provide a remarkable insight into the government at the time, much of which cannot be experienced from reading textbooks and online articles. Thank you to our students, staff and of course our guests for putting together such a lively debate.    

Our Year 13 Creative Media students are hosting an evening showcasing their final short films on Tuesday 02 May 2023 from 5.00pm to 6.30pm. Refreshments will be available – we’d love to see you there!

Please come along to see some of our gorgeous work screened in the Lecture Theatre!

Year 13 Creative Media Students

Two weeks into the summer term and we have already had year 12 vocational mocks and year 13 photography and fine art exams. Still to come are vocational technical qualification exams which start on Friday 05 May, Wednesday 10 May is the deadline for A level coursework submission and A level and AS level exams start on Wednesday 17 May. 

Well done to everyone for their hard work so far, congratulations to those who have taken exams already and good luck to everyone in their forthcoming exams!

Dates for your diary include ‘cause for concern’ parents evenings on Wednesday 03 May and Thursday 04 May. These parents evenings are for all year 12 and year 13 students who have not met their targets or who are not working to appropriate standards. Parents will be contacted by teaching staff if they feel it is necessary. Please click here for the timetable for the year 12 mock exams which start on Monday 19 June. Always remember that support is available from the team in college if exam stress is affecting the wellbeing of our students.

Please note that S6C will be closed on Monday 01 May for the May Day Bank Holiday and Monday 08 May in celebration of the King’s Coronation. Enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend and I look forward to welcoming you back on Tuesday 02 May.



Edward Heath Debate

Sally Tye – Faculty Lead (Humanities)

On Friday last week History students were given the unique opportunity to experience ‘living history’ and debate the success of Sir Edward Heath as Prime Minister with those who knew and worked with him. This is a key coursework and exam question and provided students with an invaluable insight into the past. Pratheek Magenni commented: “The Edward Heath debate allowed me to understand the struggles which PM Heath had to deal with during his term in office and the various different hurdles he faced to help our country with schemes to benefit the future. Also the trustees provided me with knowledge that no textbook could provide, and showed a successful side of PM Heath which not many people understand or see, such as the various successes he had, for example the international relationships he promoted and Britain joining the EEC. Also thanks to this debate my opinion on PM Heath changed from believing he was a failure to believing he was a person who had some truly outstanding ideas such as helping the elderly and raising the education leaving age to 16. Unfortunately, due to the tough circumstances that PM Heath was under, he couldn’t see the success of these ideas flourish during his time in office. Thank you for such a great opportunity and the knowledge that I have gained is truly tremendous.” Special thanks go to Arundells for helping to organise the debate and huge thanks to our special guests Lord Hunt, Peter Batey, Neil Carmichael, Anthony Teasdale and Michael McManus for so generously giving up their time.

Fine Art and Photography  

Sophie Bellars – Teacher of Fine Art and Photography

Year 12 Art and Photography students have been invited by Roche Court to interview artist Charlotte Verity and produce the final 60 minute podcast for the ‘Listen in at Roche Court’ series. The session this week introduced the concept to students and in a few weeks they will travel to Roche Court to interview Caroline and record their podcast. It is a fantastic opportunity for our young people to engage with contemporary practice and develop a range of communication, research and presentation skills.

Psychology Club

Kirsty White – Faculty Lead (STEM)

Nick, Y13: In Psychology Club this week, our revision was focused around behaviourism. With Kirsty, we went back over classical and operant conditioning, looking at the differences between them and studies which we can use to evaluate them. In order to apply our knowledge, we were accompanied by Kirsty’s puppy, Paddy. Kirsty demonstrated the types of conditioning with Paddy. For example, we demonstrated classical conditioning by associating the sound of a clicker with giving him a treat. We taught Paddy how to give a paw by putting the action of giving paw with the word ‘paw’ and giving him a treat, this gave us a better understanding of operant conditioning as it involved giving him a reward for his behaviour (positive reinforcement).

Fundraising for Child Bereavement UK

Joanne Thompson – Data Manager

I did it! 26.2 miles of London streets last Sunday in the 2023 London Marathon! My time was 6:45:05 and it was hard but I had so much support from my family, friends and everyone at S6C. £55.30 was raised in the collection tin on Sunday which brings my current total to £2,728. Thank you to everyone for your messages of encouragement and congratulations, for donating to my fundraising efforts and for being there for me. I’ve entered the ballot for 2024 so watch this space!