Weekly College Update

Friday 19 May 2023

This week we have been celebrating the publication of a new collection of case studies and thought leadership pieces from experts around the world: Sixth Form Matters. Produced by the Sixth Form Colleges Association, the book highlights the importance of sixth form education and recognises and celebrates what an excellent sixth form education looks like. It is imperative that we consider the issues of today and tomorrow in order to provide the most useful mix of academic and vocational qualifications for our students and this book seeks to identify what that mix may need to be in the forthcoming years.

Please click here for an online version of Sixth Form Matters.

Here at S6C we are in the midst of exam season and I would like to remind everyone that support is available from the team in college if exam stress is affecting your wellbeing. Please click on this link for some really useful advice on how to prepare for exams: Preparing for Exams

This link is also excellent and focused on tips for coping with stress: Coping with Exam Stress

If you go to https://www.salisbury6c.ac.uk/students/exams-2/ you will find the S6C Exam Handbook and revision guide, along with all the information you need from the Joint Council for Qualifications. Please read everything carefully so that you are fully prepared for your exams.

Please click here for the 2023 A Level and AS Level exam timetable. 

Please click here for the year 12 mock exams timetable which start on Monday 19 June. 



Life Skills

Rebecca Anderson – Pastoral Lead

In Life Skills, Year 13 have finished the year by Looking Ahead, covering topics such as how to revise,  living away from home, grief and bereavement, and how to access mental health support through their exams and beyond. They will have their last tutor session this week but we have reminded them that they must keep their notifications on until Results Day as we may need to get messages to them and will be sending important notices about how to get their results. We have also reminded them that pastoral support, careers support, and safeguarding, are all available to them for the remainder of the year.

Year 12 have been working on the Skills for Life part of their pathway – with sessions on personal finance, bank accounts/overdrafts etc, work experience planning and research. There will be a session on avoiding scams next week, followed by how to be a safe driver and passenger.

We have shared a lot of information with both year groups on how to manage stress – especially if it is caused by exam and study pressures. Pressure in itself can help productivity – but we all need to manage our stress levels to avoid this building into anxiety. If anyone is struggling, please do get in touch with us, as well as visiting the GP, as we can refer to a number of external agencies as well as offering guided self help support and sharing resources.

Change Your Mind Team

Catherine Pennington – Mental Health Lead 

This week the wonderful Change Your Mind Team has been providing support to students during Mental Health Awareness week. 

Our aim is to raise awareness of the services we can all access if and when we need help. The team has been visible around college all week, interacting with students and encouraging people to ask for help and talk about the things that cause anxiety, which is the theme for this year.  

The team will also be releasing tips on stress relievers that no one will notice you using, an interesting BBC radio 4 programme on ‘’Is Psychiatry working?’’ and lots of tips and ideas to look after your body and your mind.