Weekly College Update

Friday 23rd April 2021

I hope you have had a lovely Easter break and students have had an opportunity to take some rest from their studies before a very busy term ahead. 

It is wonderful to have started the summer term together in college, with a lovely atmosphere of our amazing young people interacting with warmth and care towards each other, but simultaneously respecting the need to manage the covid restrictions we have to maintain.   The guidance for covid measures in college has not altered and  we continue to work to the ‘strongly recommended use of face masks’ in all areas for now.  What I would say is that students do need to make the most of their break and lunchtimes outside  as we have resumed the normal timetable. Students and staff should also continue to focus on their wellbeing and take some time during self directed study to go for a walk. 

I have spoken to many year 13 students this week about the college approach to teacher assessments. All students have expressed their appreciation of  the guidance they are receiving and the measured approach we are taking to ensure we can reduce stress in what is a difficult time (Rebecca highlights this further in the update).  If you feel your son / daughter is not getting this support or clarity of preparations needed then please do not hesitate to let us know and we will ensure that support is provided straight away. We want every student to feel confident about the preparations needed for their final assessments in May. 

After our return from lockdown, staff have focused on knowledge retrieval and understanding in lessons to support students’ knowledge and skills  in their courses, and to aid  the curriculum planning for the remainder of this year and the next.  I will be writing to year 12 parents next week with final decisions on assessment schedules for the remainder of the year.   

With  best wishes,

Vice Principal

Creative Faculty – Rich Eno, Faculty Lead

S6C Media & Business student, Andrew Foord, has used his passion for his subjects to create his own business in https://www.salisburyfilmmaker.co.uk/ Andrew has already booked his first client! Head Of Faculty Richard Eno said, “I am incredibly proud of Andrew for the phenomenal media work he’s produced and to see him taking this to a professional standard is simply amazing”.

Life Skills – Rebecca Anderson, Pastoral Lead

Year 13 had a live online session on Living More Independently, with resources for those heading to uni in halls or private rental, those moving away for apprenticeships or employment, and those staying at home as young adults but taking some more responsibility (inc contributing financially if they are working full time, and helping out where they can). They may like to show you some of the resources in the presentation.

We also shared resources with both year groups with the following message:

An additional Life Skills activity that could save lives. There has been an increase in traffic accidents as lockdown eases and local Fire and Rescue services have produced Back on The Road resources (which are really good and well worth your time). There are practical resources for new drivers (who have not been used to busier traffic or the importance of regular car maintenance), older drivers (to pass onto grandparents who may have been shielding and would benefit from a refresher), two wheeled vehicles (again, the roads are suddenly busier and this changes the driving environment) etc. There is also a series of four modules you can take, for drivers and passengers, with quizzes to check your knowledge. We can’t make you look – but we want you to be safe, and we know you to be responsible and intelligent young people – so find half an hour and read through the info which is most relevant to you.




Road safety education – Dorset & Wiltshire Fire Service


Pastoral Care

We are aware that some Year 13s are feeling the pressure of final assessments after a number of twists and turns in their education. Students are encouraged to look at the resources on the Information Classroom > Classwork > Wellbeing to help them manage any stress. They can also talk to their tutor, or the pastoral lead, who will be happy to share some self help tips for both academic preparation and personal wellbeing. All students are encouraged to keep in close contact with their teachers and tutor and let them know if they need any support.


The National Citizenship Scheme is hoping to run this summer for 16 and 17 year olds. Students are encouraged to take this amazing opportunity to access up to £1500 of activities for £50 on either two week or three week programmes. It could provide some welcome structure to a summer which is unlikely to include much travel, and the scheme is known to build confidence, practical and organisational skills, resilience, community spirit, friendships and wellbeing (and is excellent material for personal statements and applications, especially if taken at this stage in their education).


Introducing the MLP CAREERS Instagram account – Rosie Roberts, Careers Lead

Find out about careers events going on in College and across the Magna Learning Partnership.

Plus, don’t be the last to know about other exciting careers events and initiatives taking place across Salisbury, Wiltshire and the whole of the UK.

This may include:

  • Apprenticeship / job opportunities
  • Work experience placements
  • Free online courses for all ages
  • Talks and workshops happening online and in person
  • Advice about all aspects of education, training and employment

Download the Instagram app if you don’t already have it and add MLPcareers to your favourites

Enrichment, Baking Club – Sally Tye, Humanities Faculty Lead

Online baking has continued over Easter with Creme Egg Brownies and a healthier Mexican bean dip this week! Photos: Sally Tye.