Workshop provider arrangements – Geosciences fair

Thank you for agreeing to provide a workshop for this event. Please find essential logistical details below.







Times for the day:

8.30am Our staff and student ambassadors are available to help unload and direct you to the allocated rooms.

8.50 to 9.10 Yr 10 students arrive, register and receive welcome talk.

9.10 to 2.40 (individual timings TBC) Students attend workshops on a round-robin. Providers are allocated a room for the day. Each workshop will run for 40 mins. Please do a 5 to 10 minute starter activity, a main fun and interactive activity, and close with a 5 to 10 minute career-focused plenary, during which students will need to fill in 3 things that they have learnt, 3 careers that the activities could lead to, and whether they are interested in this careers area into their programmes – please guide them with this. The maximum size of each group is 18x Yr 10s (waiting for schools to confirm numbers). Each group will be from mixed schools, and there will be one adult to accompany each group who may not know the individuals as they might be from a different school. Students will be in their own clothes and will have name stickers with coloured dots to identify which school, whether they have a medical alert, and if we don’t have photo permission.

A break of 10 to 15 minutes is scheduled during mid-morning.

Free lunch for workshop providers only will be provided at our cafe on the lower ground floor during a 40 minute break. Please inform us of any nutritional requirements. Drinks can be collected from the cafe during the day. HOt water is available from the staff room on the second floor – please ask a student.

2.40 to 3.0pm Students will attend a close and evaluation session in the theatre. During this, they will complete the activities in their programme, choosing one career path that they are particularly interested in, and they will have to find out which degree or apprenticeship they need, and which A-levels to achieve a successful application. This time can be used by you to finish setting up your stands for the fair- our student ambassadors will be available to help.

3.0 to 3.30pm Yr 10 students who have attended the workshops and our students will have exclusive access to the fair

3.30 to 5.30pm Careers fair open to all secondary students (under 16s to be accompanied by a responsible adult). We have asked for pre-registration and may close to walk-ins if it is too busy.

5 min Careers talks (in the theatre) – gain a snapshot of the careers available at:

4pm Welcome from S6C and to the Geosciences fair

4.05 to 4.25 Environmental Sciences and Ecology

4.25 to 4.45 Geography

4.45 to 5.05 Geology and geosciences

5.05- 5.20 Talk about S6C’s trips to Iceland in 2020 and 2022 – current and prospective students (Helen)


Please ensure that you have filled in the form (and if previously completed, go back and check any areas not confirmed – such as staff/student numbers):

Scientific or lab equipment:

Please liaise directly with our helpful lab technician Lisa Rodway

Technological requirements:

Wifi will be available on the day. Projectors (not interactive) are available in all labs and classrooms. These are usually cast to from laptops. IT student ambassadors will be available at times, and certainly to check set-ups in the morning. Should you have any unusual requirements, please contact our Assistant Principal Craig Chambers

Logistics for the fair:

Each exhibitor will have a table measuring a minimum of W120cm x D60cm x H76cm (some tables are wider). We can also provide chairs, and student ambassadors may be available to help you set up and assist you. Please bring your own stands etc to set up. Most tables will have access) but not necessarily adjacent) to at least one powerpoint. Please bring your own extension cords.


Please use our front forecourt to unload (which must then be left empty as it is the fire assembly point).  After unloading you will be directed through our security gate to the staff car park. Our parking is extremely limited. Please park as close to the bottom of the car park as you can.

Finding us:

66 to 78 Tollgate Road, Salisbury SP1 2JJ.

We are located on Tollgate Road, which you will turn left into from Southampton Road (A36) just after Wiltshire College. You will then find us on the left of Tollgate Road, opposite Molly’s Den. The entrance to our forecourt is on the right of the building.


Promotional items:

We know that students love freebies! We will be handing out bags to each student on their arrival with any items that can be provided. Please ensure that we receive these by Friday 31st Jan as we will be preparing them ahead of time. You will not meet each group as there are more workshops than time would allow. We do not want schools complaining and must make sure the bags are identical. We also don’t want additional mess left by the students. You may of course provide prospectuses and any other literature at your tables. We are still welcoming donations to the event bags which will carry your logo along with other donors. Please fill in the form:

Other exhibitors for the fair:

Apart from the workshop providers, a number of other exhibitors will arrive for the afternoon. The list below includes both.

Universities confirmed: Oxford, Southampton, Portsmouth, Exeter, Cardiff, Plymouth, Birmingham, UWE, Bournemouth, Royal Holloway.

Other organisations include: Environment Agency, Ordnance Survey, Wessex Archaeology, Structural Soils, Mott MacDonald, ESRI, Geological Society, British Cartographic Society, Etches Collection, Discover the World, British Geological Survey, Structural Soils, Harnham Water Meadows and Wiltshire Geology group. Others still to confirm – Met Office, Red Cross, PESGB, Army Geographers

Our students:

Details to TBC


Toilets are located towards the front of the building close to the entrance or on the lower ground floor towards the back of the building. The second and third floors also have them located towards the front and back of the building. They are all individual cubicles and unisex.

Fire and other emergencies:

Please make sure that you familiarise yourself with the nearest fire exit at each location during the day. Our muster point is on the front forecourt. We will ask you to leave your mobile numbers with reception in case of any lock-down emergencies. Most corridors will be electronically locked in this case.

Any further questions: Please contact Nadine Tunstall directly on

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday 12th February!