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Salisbury Sixth Form Academy’s Governance Committee (AGC) Salisbury Sixth Form College has an Academy Governance Committee (AGC) which providesfocused governance. The Chair of the AGC is Anita Esser.  To contact the AGC Clerk please email The Academy Governance Committee is a constituent part of the wider governance structure ofthe Magna Learning Partnership (MLP). For more information about the governance… Read more »

Remote Education Guidelines

                                                                                                                                  Remote Education Guidelines Guidelines and Expectations for Online Learning at S6C We are so pleased to be able to run live lessons to timetable, and to offer pastoral support, study support, and some clubs-  an experience which has been very rare in state education this year. Here are a few guidelines and expectations to… Read more »


Ofsted Information Page S6C 2017 OFSTED Report S6C 2022 OFSTED Report

Statutory Information

All schools and colleges in the United Kingdom are required to publish certain information to their website. This is where you will finds links to government required sites and information about Salisbury 6th Form College (S6C). Please use the menu to access the information you require. If you believe publicly available information is not available… Read more »