About S6C

It’s All About You!

We firmly believe that S6C offers you the ideal college environment to embark on the next stage of your education.  With a vibrant and friendly atmosphere, where positive relationships are promoted at all times, you will find that S6C is an exciting place to develop and one in which you will thrive both academically and socially.

When you join us you become part of the S6C community, where you will follow an individual study programme that is tailored to your interests and needs.  We are proud of our inclusivity in enabling students from all backgrounds and different needs to be supported to reach their potential.  It’s not long before we get to know all out students really well; we work with your passions and interests to shape your future.

Our teaching staff are specialists in 16-19 education; as a college we are unique in this position as the only 16-19 specialist college for Level 3 courses in Salisbury. We are lucky to be able to deliver our courses using excellent modern facilities and we offer a broad range of A level and technical courses.

Our staff have a tireless dedication to improving the standards of academic achievement for all students and have a passionate commitment to your success through a culture of high expectation and aspiration.  Students at S6C speak highly of our teachers and support staff; they will thoroughly enjoy working with you and supporting you to attain your ambitions both academically and personally.  Whether you are aiming for university or employment, we will help you on your post-16 journey.