Student Log-in

Below is a list of all our online systems with links to their log-in pages, as well as information on how they are used.

Office 365 – Office 365 will act as your hub for all things microsoft. You will have access to systems such as Outlook email, OneDrive and Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Teams – Microsoft Teams is the college’s messaging system. You will be able to send messages, documents and links to indivdual people. You will also see posts from your teachers regarding your subjects and general news regarding the college.

Google Classroom – Google Classroom is the system your teachers will use to set you assignments and work you need to complete by their set deadline. You will also be able to upload your completed work directly to Classroom which will notify your teacher that you have completed the task by their deadline.

Google Drive – Google Drive is a file storage system which allows you to store both Micorsoft and Google documents as well as pictures etc. You will also be able to share and manage the documents with staff or other students.