S6C’s careers plan aims to:

  • – Make all stakeholders aware of the named person responsible for careers, a Careers Leader. This is the Student Service Manager, Mrs Rosie Roberts who can be contacted by emailing
  • – Ensure the careers plan is evaluated and updated according to students’ needs. We have completed Compass to evaluate our current provision and will continue to evaluate our provision by obtaining students’ opinions on the provision through surveys and discussions with Progress Tutors.
  • – Use the Enterprise Adviser Network to gain access to an Enterprise Coordinator, Enterprise Adviser and the career planning tool Tracker.
  • – Keep stakeholders updated on the careers programme by keeping our website updated.
  • – Start early by engaging all students in the careers programme from their first term at S6C.
  • – Engage all stakeholders including parents and employers.
  • – Develop careers content in all subjects, not just Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE).
  • – Take advantage of labour market resources and make them available to all students and parents.
  • – Provide all students with information on all routes.
  • – Provide experience of workplaces for all students.

You can view our careers plan here: Careers plan 201819