Please see the following link regarding our Multi Academy Trust Policies:

Policies & Documents

S6C SEN Policy

S6C SEN Information Report

S6C Charging and Remissions Policy

S6C Admission Arrangements 2022/2023

S6C Student Disciplinary Policy

S6C Learner Agreement

S6C Photograph Policy

S6C Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

S6C Safeguarding & Child Protection Arrangements for COVID-19 College Closure

S6C Accessibility Policy

S6C Bullying and Harassment Policy

S6C Equality Information & Objectives

S6C Careers Provision Policy

S6C First Aid Policy

S6C ESafety and ICT Acceptable Use policy

S6C College Dog Policy

S6C College Dog Risk Assessment

MLP Complaints Procedure

MLP Exclusions Policy

MLP Whistleblowing Policy

MLP Social Media Policy

S6C Careers Policy