Ethos and Values

At S6C we are committed to providing an excellent education for the success of every student, and our vision is that we want every student to be the best version of themselves that they can be.  Every student should be valued, nurtured, challenged and supported. ‘It’s all about you’ embraces the experience we want every individual to feel.  Every student at S6C is introduced to a series of high expectations of themselves and of others. At S6C we strive for success; so Aspiration is promoted and encouraged. This is enacted and modelled by staff, and students are supported in being active participants in this journey.

We promote an inclusive culture in which our well-qualified teachers prepare students to learn though exciting and challenging teaching, aided by first class facilities and modern learning technology. With a vibrant and friendly atmosphere where positive relationships are promoted at all times,  S6C is an exciting place to develop and one in which we know our students thrive both academically and socially.

What underpins our Values at S6C?

Equality and Diversity

We believe that education is not just about academic success but also about preparing young people to be responsible, informed citizens who have respect for themselves and others. To this end, Equality and Diversity is at the forefront of what we do. We are proud of our Inclusivity and welcome applications from students regardless of background and are committed to celebrating diversity and promoting a culture of tolerance, empathy and resilience for all. Each student as an individual will have their own learning needs. We are committed to ensuring that these needs are catered for.

Wellbeing of all

We pride ourselves in forging relationships of care and mutual respect at college. This is a value that extends to all our community, both staff and students alike. Every aspect of the work we do is about creating a safe, supportive and nurturing community. Students are supported and challenged to develop resilience and the confidence they need to manage personal and academic decisions. All students participate in our clubs and societies with opportunities to enhance your mental or physical wellbeing as well as allowing you to compete for the very best opportunities in higher education or the workplace.

Outstanding Teaching and Learning

We are committed to creating a culture of high expectations and outstanding achievement. Our staff are specialist Advanced Level teachers with a great depth of knowledge, and they teach with passion to inspire students to take risks and think creatively. Lessons are challenging and dynamic, developing a broad range of skills and experiences to ensure students fulfil their potential and progress to further study or employment. Students have many experiences of field trips and meet visiting speakers as part of the S6C Speaker Programme.

MLP  Core Values

S6C’s values align with MLP Core values to ensure that the staff and young people in the Trust have the same opportunities.

Opportunity and equality – we provide opportunities for all, finding the best in others and ourselves
Collaboration and integrity – we work collaboratively, generously sharing ideas and best practice
Aspiration, optimism and compassion – we are aspirational for all our children, young people and staff, striving for greatness and supporting all to achieve