Curriculum Intent

How we meet 16-19 study programme requirements 

At S6C we are committed to providing an excellent education for the success of every student, and our vision is that we want every student to be the best version of themselves that they can be. Every student should be valued, nurtured, challenged and supported. ‘It’s all about you’ embraces the experience we want every individual to feel.  Every student at S6C is introduced to a series of high expectations of themselves and of others. At S6C we strive for success; so Aspiration is promoted and encouraged. This is enacted and modelled by staff, and students are supported in being active participants in this journey.

We focus on the needs of 16-19 year olds, providing a well-resourced college environment that encourages learning. Our priority is placed on high quality support and guidance to students in their academic and personal development. We see students thrive at S6C; the care and guidance given to students is unwavering. We know all of our students, and as they develop their journey into adulthood we see them blossom and strive for their dreams to become reality. Everyone is special, unique and capable.

We are passionate about ensuring that students are well cared for, that they make excellent progress and that we help them discover their talents and prepare them for life after college. It is important to us that students leave S6C with the ability to think deeply, act with kindness and integrity and take responsibility for a rich life ahead.

Our curriculum fulfils these aims through the following:

  • Ensure that every student is challenged and supported to achieve and realise his/her full potential
  • Provide stimulating learning opportunities to inspire young people to pursue a wide range of careers 
  • Encourage and support students to develop skills that will equip them for further study and working life, focusing on research and independent learning skills, time management, self-awareness and motivation
  • Create a warm and positive atmosphere in which, supported by our Christian ethos, students can feel secure and cared for as individuals
  • Widen students’ access to higher education apprenticeships
  • Provide a curriculum that is rich in knowledge and skills, secured through application and developing understanding
  • Support personal growth and development of the individual

We take pride in having a strong philosophy of nurturing at the centre of our College, as well as outstanding enrichment options where, irrespective of academic choices and achievement, students have opportunities and encouragement to shine.

Our students know that by studying here they will be in a stimulating and supportive environment, confident that their future success (whether that is university, employment or further training) is at the heart of the College.

Curriculum design

  • Three pathways of A Level, Vocational Technical Qualifications or a Mixed Pathway which are matched to student need, interest and aspiration and prepare students for their next steps
  • A broad curriculum which allows for individual choice
  • A strong commitment to high aspirations by offering our Aspire Programme to all students
  • A Life Skills programme, delivered through weekly assemblies and tutorials, that complements our academic courses, supports students in the transition from GCSE to Level 3 study and prepares them for later life
  • Collaboration agreements with other providers to support the delivery of more specialised subjects such as Languages and Music A Level
  • Aspirational target setting for all students
  • All students receive careers and future planning support
  • Students have the opportunity to study a Level 3 EPQ
  • English and Maths where students have not yet achieved a GCSE grade 4
  • Work experience to give students the opportunity to develop their career choices and to apply their skills in real working condition
  • Throughout our programmes of study, every attempt is made to make links to careers and the world of work. In addition to subject specific links, we aim to reinforce the skills and aptitudes which employers say are important in the workplace:
LeadershipStaying positive Problem solvingAiming high 
CreativitySpeaking ListeningTeamwork

Key Principles of Teaching and Learning

Our approach to Teaching and Learning can be summarised as: Expert teaching; reflective practice.

  • Teachers use specialist subject and pedagogical knowledge and their understanding of individual student needs to plan sequences of learning with a clear focus.
  • At the start of lessons students are welcomed into the teaching space, where they engage with learning straight away. Teachers share the learning intention, enabling students to make explicit links between current material and already learnt material.
  • Teachers have high expectations of students. Teachers deliver the curriculum through expert modelling, skilful explanation and highly-tailored activities to ensure all learners can experience success in lessons. Learning should reflect and be relevant to life, developing employability skills.
  • Teachers elicit evidence of learning to find out what students know and understand so that teaching is responsive and misconceptions are addressed.
  • Independent study supports students to learn, retain and extend the knowledge and skills taught in college.
  • Teachers continually reflect on teaching and learning. Assessment is used to form future instruction.
  • Teachers assess students’ work to identify specific learning gaps and prepare feedback. Teachers provide the time and opportunity for students to use feedback to move learning forward.

Beyond the Classroom

  • Developing students’ cultural capital through visits and visiting speakers which deepens students’ understanding of their subjects and the wider world
  • A diverse Life Skills programme which further embeds British Values beyond the taught curriculum and focuses on personal development and self-agency
  • An extensive range of clubs and societies
  • Signposted careers education 
  • Individual student guidance for progression routes to university, apprenticeships or employment
  • Personal Development Days – once a term our timetable stops for a day and we deliver enriching experiences to students which support our College vision.
  • A mentoring programme for vulnerable students

Trust Intent

Salisbury Sixth Form College joined the Magna Learning Partnership Trust in September 2018 and is upholding of it’s values and ethos. At the heart of the partnership is improving outcomes for the young people attending the schools in the Trust. These expectations are promoted through high expectations and aspirations for all, regardless of social, economic or cultural background. The curriculum for each school or college is rooted in the core values of MLP and founded on the principle of knowledge acquisition underpinning the application of skill.  Both are explicitly developed, resulting in a curriculum in each institution with breadth, depth and balance. The purpose of the curriculum is to:
* Meet the needs of every young person in an MLP school, firing curiosity and making learning real, exciting and inspirational
*Reflect both national requirements and international expectations but be rooted in its own locality and context
*Raise aspirations and widen horizons
*Enable every young person to leave an MLP school or college with the confidence and ability to make a positive impact on the world around them.