Life Skills


The College Programme

Each student takes part in our College Programme which includes at least three compulsory and timetabled elements. Education needs to have academic study at its core – and also be wider than academic study.

  1. Academic – 3 A Level subjects or technical / vocational equivalent – with optional additional study and EPQ.
  2. Life Skills programme – 1 hour/fortnight plus 1:1s with tutor/ Development Days/ Visiting Speakers.
  3. Weekly clubs and societies

Students are also encouraged to be engaged in their communities and take opportunities to volunteer both in and out of college.

Life Skills

The intention of the Life Skills Programme is that each student progresses and develops both academically and personally, thriving as individuals and as part of the college and wider community.  Students will leave S6C with a sense of purpose – inspired to engage with the world around them – equipped with a lifelong desire to learn – and with the knowledge, skills and strategies needed to keep safe, promote mental and physical wellbeing, and take an active role in society.

Topics cover a range of life skills including physical and mental health and wellbeing, finance, British Values, radicalisation and how to prevent it, careers and destinations, citizenship and society, politics, ecological issues, personal development, current affairs, sexual health, employability skills, safety online/whilst travelling/socially, study skills and strategies, and more.

Sessions are delivered by tutors and also by external speakers in dedicated Development Days three times a year and via our Speaker Programme.